NeatHeat: Making Heater Renovations a Breeze

What are the advantages to using a cover when completing your heater renovations?

heater renovationsWhen it comes to getting your home in good shape, it’s no secret that some parts of your home are more of a headache than others. Some renovation work can be severely frustrating, taking up way too much of your time and money and not lasting long before you need to redo the work again.

No homeowner wants to spend most of their spare time and spending a lot of money repainting their house or redoing the flooring only for that work to be for naught within a few short months.

Many homeowners believe that a renovation is worth the time and money as long as the renovation lasts awhile, but what happens when a renovation has no longevity to it? This is oftentimes the case for homeowners with hot water heaters, which are almost always a challenge for homeowners to deal with.

Many houses have hot water heaters that provide energy via heating elements that line the bottom of walls in most rooms in a home. The heating elements are protected by metal pieces that also conduct the heat fairly well.

The Problem with your Heater Renovations

Because these pieces of metal conduct heat and, as a result of that, absorb and transmit a lot of energy in a short period of time, they oxidize fairly quickly. Even worse, the fact that they are essentially in the corner of a room and sometimes go unnoticed means that they get kicked, dented, scratched, and even missed when they get dusty.

Baseboard heaters almost never look good, even at their cleanest, and getting your baseboard heater redone takes quite a bit of time. Taking them apart piece by piece, taking the time to get all of the parts cleaned, and putting it all back together takes time, and you have to do that for every strip of baseboard in your home.

All of that work, only to have your heaters get rusted within a few months is guaranteed to be incredibly frustrating and is not an efficient way to go about getting your heater renovations done.

You need a good way to deal with your baseboard heater; heater renovations need to be done in such a way that they last as long as possible.

NeatHeat’s Baseboard Covers

The solution many homeowners don’t initially think of is simply putting a cover on, but with NeatHeat, a cover makes heater renovations easy. NeatHeat is a baseboard reconditioning system that puts your home’s heaters in the best possible shape at the lowest cost in the long run.

With these covers, installation and maintenance is a breeze, so you don’t spend hours taking apart your baseboard if you want to do any work on them. All of the pieces pop right on over the baseboard heater, even if you don’t have the front plate for your baseboard, and cleaning them or repainting them is easily done with household products.

The secret is that NeatHeat makes the covers using a composite polymer, meaning it’s not going to rust, chip, or dent, and the titanium dioxide used means it won’t yellow or fade in color either.

NeatHeat’s covers make heater renovations very straightforward, as all of the pieces can be installed and removed in minutes and maintenance doesn’t cost you time or money. With baseboard heaters, you can rack up quite a bit of time and money on renovating baseboard heaters, just for them to look abysmal.

But with NeatHeat, everything is nice and easy and keeps your home renovated and looking good. To learn more about NeatHeat’s heater renovations, click here.