Comparing Heater Covers versus Replacing your Heater

When determining heater covers versus replacing your heater, how should you renovate your baseboard heater?

heater covers versus replacing your heaterOwning a residence is always guaranteed to be a huge, costly responsibility, and you need to take care of every inch of your property if you want everything to work out for you in the long haul. When it comes to getting your home or residence in top shape, chances are you’re constantly spending money and time to get everything looking good and staying in good shape.

However, the longevity always tends to become a factor because some renovations can take time, money, and then they don’t last long before being redone. This can be incredibly frustrating and cost a lot in the long run, because if you have to keep doing the same renovations over and over, it ends up becoming a moot point.

You need renovations that can last a while in your home, which is why looking at options is important to determine your best move. For example, when it comes to your baseboard heater, it’s best to look at heater covers versus replacing your heater to see what the best choice is for you.

Issues with Baseboard

The problem with replacing your baseboard heater is that it can end up taking you a lot of time and costing quite a bit of money for not a lot of results. It takes hours to take apart each piece on each strip of baseboard throughout the house.

Of course, you could end up cleaning or repainting the parts, but that’ll end up taking even more time. At the end of all of this, you want the work you do to be worthwhile, and this is the downside to replacing or repairing your baseboard heater.

Within a few months, your baseboard will get rusted, dented, and look fairly abysmal. On the other hand, baseboard heater covers don’t take a lot of time and can be a more permanent renovation, but they can cost you additional funding.

Heater Covers versus Replacing your Heater

To that end, when comparing heater covers versus replacing your heater, it stands to reason that you get the best possible heater cover. This is where NeatHeat’s baseboard covers come into play, providing you with a cover specially designed to service your baseboard related needs.

NeatHeat’s covers are made of a composite polymer, so they won’t rust, chip, dent, or yellow or fade in color. Plus, their continuous white color prevents them from showing scratches easily, and NeatHeat’s covers are also chemically treated to not melt or offset gas well below operating home temperatures.

Because NeatHeat covers are a polymer (and, to that end, an insulator) they do not absorb and conduct heat the way baseboard heaters do, but rather, provide heat flow through convection. This means they take much less abuse over time and require very little maintenance.

Maintaining NeatHeat’s covers

When your covers do need to be cleaned or repainted, however, the work is a breeze. All you have to do is pop all of the pieces off and either use household cleaners or a spray paint to get the job done in minutes!

NeatHeat’s covers provide you the most benefit for the price you pay, so when it comes to looking into heater covers versus replacing your heater, NeatHeat shines as the best possible option.

NeatHeat’s baseboard covers even add that sleek, newer look to your baseboard, and can replace the front plate of your baseboard heater if the plate is too damaged or worn for use. For more on the benefits of NeatHeat heater covers versus replacing your heater, click here.