Is it Possible to Get a Good Looking Baseboard Heater?

Can homeowners really get a good looking baseboard heater in their homes without spending too much money?

good looking baseboard heaterHomeowners always want their home to look its best, but spending too much time and money to do so is not the ideal way to get it accomplished. Whether it’s repainting your house or getting the roofing redone or fixing up a room in the house, some work is easier than others and some last longer than others.

However, the important factor is how long the work lasts compared to how much time/money the homeowner spends on it. The homeowner may have to spend their precious spare weekend time getting the work done or may have to spend money hiring someone else to do the work, but as long as the work is worth it in the long run, there is nothing to worry about.

This is not the case with baseboard heaters, because a good looking baseboard heater is hard to come by. Baseboard heaters are almost constantly oxidized, getting kicked and damaged, dusty, and get disgusting very quickly.

Why is a Good Looking Baseboard Heater Hard to Come By?

The frustration with baseboard heaters is the fact that they will never be permanently cleaned, and taking the time to temporarily clean them is not easy and is very frustrating. You have to take apart all of the baseboard heaters, strip by strip, which includes unscrewing different parts from the wall to get access to all of the different parts.

Once you take everything apart, you’ve got to spend time getting all of the rust and grime off before fully cleaning or repainting each individual piece. Even if it only takes you a little bit of time to clean one part, there are quite a few in the house, so that time adds up.

Once you get everything cleaned and/or repainted, you can put all of the parts together, and the overall time would end up taking up the vast majority of your weekend. The issue is that you can spend up to an entire weekend getting your baseboard heater redone, but in the end, you’ve got to deal with redoing the heaters within a few short months.

Benefits of NeatHeat’s Baseboard Covers

Getting a good looking baseboard heater is not an easy feat, but if you really want it to be permanent, you need to use baseboard heater covers. With a cover on your baseboard, you don’t need to worry about spending way too much time getting your baseboard heaters in decent shape, only for them to look bad again shortly.

Baseboard covers from NeatHeat get the job done, redefining the meaning of a good looking baseboard heater and making your life much easier when it comes time to renovate. NeatHeat’s baseboard heat covers are made up of a composite polymer, which means they’re not going to rust, chip, dent, yellow, or fade in color over time, making them much easier to manage over time versus your baseboard.

NeatHeat covers are incredibly easy to deal with in both installation and maintaining, as all of the different pieces pop right on over the existing baseboard. The six foot and four foot pieces are easy to install because they can easily be cut with a hack saw or chop saw or extended using a splice plate, and the inside corner and end caps keep everything firmly in place.

The NeatHeat pieces are incredibly easy to clean or paint, as household items will do the job for you. Getting a good looking baseboard heater has never been easier thanks to NeatHeat; to learn more, click here.