Fixing your Heater in 30 Seconds or Less

How can fixing your heater be inexpensive, quick, and make your life easy?

fixing your heaterWhen it comes to homeowner’s challenges, making time to get all of their necessary house work done is always up there. Keeping your home in top shape is incredibly important, but between working a full time job and taking care of any and all other responsibilities you might have, it’s easier said than done to get home renovations done.

Most homeowners end up spending a lot of money to hire someone else to get the work done, but some jobs are worth doing yourself if you have the time. However, there are renovations that fall in the middle, and there’s no real good way to accomplish them.

Fixing your heater cosmetically is absolutely one of them, especially if you have hot water heat and baseboard heaters. Hot water heaters produce the energy through a radiating element covered by baseboard heaters, and these heaters line the walls along the floors in most rooms in a home.

The Science of Dealing with your Baseboard Heaters

They’re metal, absorb and produce a lot of energy, and tend to get ignored, so naturally they oxidize a lot, get kicked and bumped into, and take a lot of damage easily. On first glance, it seems like an easy do it yourself project, but redoing baseboard heaters has taken up many a homeowner’s weekend.

Fixing your heater isn’t as easy as a spray paint or five minutes of cleaning. It involves taking apart every individual strip of baseboard in the home, painstakingly cleaning off each and every piece of the rust (which is the easiest part to clean- dents and scratches are much tougher to deal with), and putting everything back together.

But that’s not the worst part: would you do all of that work if you knew that within a few months, they’re just going to get rusted and dusty and disgusting again, no matter what you do? This puts most homeowners at a conundrum: how do you go about fixing your heater if it’s just going to constantly oxidize and get disgusting?

Fixing your Heater the Right Way

The answer is NeatHeat’s baseboard heater covers, which acts as an effective way to fix your heater cosmetically and can even replace parts of your baseboard heater. The trick to NeatHeat is that the parts are made up of a composite polymer or plastic, which doesn’t ever rust!

In addition, their composition means they don’t get dented or show scratches easily due to their continuous color, and they are chemically designed to not yellow or fade in color as time goes on.

This means the covers have a much longer lifespan than your baseboard heaters: fixing your heater is as easy as popping a NeatHeat cover on, which takes seconds!

Why is NeatHeat so Easy to Use?

All of the pieces snap right on and are incredibly easy to use, and if they ever get dirty, all you have to do is snap them off and spend a few minutes with household cleaners to get the job done. Gone are the days where you take hours to take apart your baseboard: with NeatHeat, the pieces pop off easily, and the work you have to do to keep them in good shape is minimal.

NeatHeat’s covers can even be painted if you want, and all you need is spray paint for polymers, which is inexpensive and found at your average hardware store.

NeatHeat is the ultimate inexpensive solution for you if you’re looking into fixing your heater but don’t want to keep taking hours upon hours to do it. To learn more about using NeatHeat in fixing your heater, click here.