How Fixing your Base Board can be Easy and Cost-Effective

Everyone who has base board knows the challenges in cleaning them. Fixing your base board can be much easier with NeatHeat.

fixing your base boardNo homeowner likes dealing with their home renovations, but they all need to be done: after all, your home is a valuable piece of property, and for both financial and personal reasons you want it to look good all of the time. That generally means you’ve got to invest a lot of your own time on renovations in order to save money as renovations are costly when you hire a contractor.

Homeowners only have so much time in the day to do renovations so they’ve got to be efficient, so how can they efficiently do a job like fixing your base board? Base board is either electric or hot water, and the problem with hot water is that it produces energy through a heating element that lines the walls along the floors in most rooms in a home.

Since the heating element is so readily available, it’s protected by heater parts to prevent people from touching the elements, and those parts are metal so the heat is conducted and flows through the home better.

The problem with metal in front of a heating element is that it only guarantees oxidation quickly, and rust doesn’t look good, especially when it’s constantly on your base board.

The other problem with metal base board is it’s very easy to scratch and dent, and that’s a time consuming problem to deal with, especially since you need to physically remove the base board to get rid of it.

How does Fixing your Base Board Work?

To remove the metal base board parts you need to physically unscrew piece by piece of the wall, and then do all of your cleaning and work to get them looking decent again before putting them all together.

Considering there’s base board all throughout the house, homeowners end up spending the vast majority of a weekend doing base board renovation work.

Fixing your base board is an obnoxious, time consuming process that’s coupled with the fact that your base board is constantly rusting, constantly getting kicked and bumped into, and generally just provides an outdated, unclean look.

The better solution to fixing your base board is installing a cover because they are much better looking and easier to renovate.

How Does NeatHeat Make Base Board Renovation Simple?

Using NeatHeat’s base board covers mean rework is easy because they snap right over the existing base board, even if parts are damaged or missing, so if you want to do any cleaning or rework it takes seconds to remove them.

The covers are also made of a composite polymer, so cleaning and repainting them is as easy as using household cleaning products or spray paint, respectively, and you’ll get the job done in seconds. Covers made of polymer aren’t going to rust, chip, dent, or show scratches easily, and NeatHeat’s covers are designed to never yellow, fade in color, or take thermal damage.

If you get NeatHeat’s covers, fixing your base board is a breeze because you get a much better looking reconditioning system for your base board without having to constantly spend your time reworking the base board over and over. To learn more about how fixing your base board can be easy by installing NeatHeat’s covers, click here.