How Fixing Baseboard can take you Thirty Seconds

What is the magic in fixing baseboard without ever having to take it apart?

fixing baseboardAny homeowner with a hot water heater will tell you that their baseboard is a tough dilemma to crack. The fact of the matter is, not even gas fitters know how to clean baseboard in such a way that doesn’t last more than a season.

On top of that, baseboard isn’t like mowing your lawn or other work that doesn’t last long; it’s incredibly time consuming, and even when done right it’s not very rewarding. To renovate your baseboard, you have to take apart all of the individual pieces that protect the heating element, which lines the walls in most rooms in a home.

This alone is time consuming, but then you have to clean each and every individual part of oxidation and dust, as well as get rid of dents, dings, scratches, and other damage. Most of the time, even if you get rid of most of the damage, they still don’t look too good, and then you have to take time to put them back together again.

The grand total of time you take is guaranteed to be most of your weekend, and then within a few weeks the oxidation sets in and the heater covers get damaged in a variety of ways. They get kicked, bumped into, dusty, and rusted.

The Best Solution to Fixing Baseboard

Homeowners will always search for a solution to go about physically fixing baseboard, but there really isn’t a solution. The better way to go is to replace your baseboard heaters with something better: baseboard covers, which can cover up or replace the heater parts.

The idea is simple: these covers pop right on over the heaters or replace them to cover the element, and since they are easy to install and uninstall, they are easier to maintain. NeatHeat designed covers that are not only easy to pop on and off, but also are a piece of cake to maintain.

NeatHeat’s covers are polymer based, which means oxidation can never occur along with denting, and scratches don’t show because they have a continuous white color. Of course, you can change the color using a polymer spray paint, found at your local hardware store, and the covers pop right off and can be painted.

How is NeatHeat such an Ideal Option?

NeatHeat’s covers have also been altered using titanium dioxide to never yellow or fade in color, and they’ve been thermally conditioned to survive temperatures well above your home’s operating range.

In addition, the installation is simple since short pieces can be extended with a splice plate and long pieces can be cut with a hack saw or chop saw. The covers don’t attract dust and damage the way baseboard heaters do, but if they do get dirty all you need is typical home cleaning products to get off any grime or filth in seconds.

NeatHeat’s covers have been designed to readily and easily integrate into your home, fixing baseboard issues and adding to the look of your house all of the time.

Many a homeowner struggles with what to do with their baseboard, and the answer is simple with a cover. To learn more about fixing baseboard using NeatHeat, click here.