Easy Baseboard Renovations that Take Seconds to Use

What kind of easy baseboard renovations can you get that don’t involve constantly cleaning your heaters?

easy baseboard renovationsHomeowners always want the easiest solution when it comes to their home, and rightfully so. They spend forty hours a week at work and have a host of other responsibilities, leaving time to take care of their house at a minimum.

Oftentimes homeowners will take a weekend to break out the tools and get to work, taking care of any odd end tasks that are around the house. Baseboard is no exception, as they oftentimes need to be taken care of. However, this is where the similarities in renovations come to an end.

While work like repainting the house or redoing the carpeting are done once every few years while requiring a lot of time/money, baseboard heaters have no longevity to them while costing you a fair amount of time to work on.

How can you Actually Fix your Baseboard?

When it comes to physically altering your baseboard, you basically have three options: clean, repaint, or replace. All of these involve taking apart each piece on each strip of baseboard in your home, which takes up a bit of time.

At that point, you either spend a lot of money to replace the parts or take the time to clean and/or repaint each and every part. Once this is completed, you put everything back together, and hours later, your work is completed.

However, the work isn’t done yet, because within a few months of doing that work, the oxidation sets in, and the baseboard heaters look just as bad as they originally did. Doing the same work over and over again to get maybe a month or two of good looking heaters is not ideal, but you don’t want to leave your baseboard heaters in constant terrible shape.

Easy Baseboard Renovations with NeatHeat

How can you get easy baseboard renovations if rust is always going to be an issue? The trick is using a baseboard cover, because a cover can shield or replace your existing baseboard heater parts and be designed in such a way that they are much easier to deal with.

Easy baseboard renovations are hard to come by, but with NeatHeat, you save plenty of time and money to get the work done. The trick with NeatHeat is that the covers are made up of a polymer instead of metal, so they will never oxidize.

This makes cleaning and repainting the covers simple, as all you need is standard household cleaners or a spray paint for polymers and you can get the work done in minutes.

The Benefits to Using NeatHeat’s Heater Cover

NeatHeat’s covers will never rust but they also don’t chip and dent so they don’t take damage the way the heaters do, and the pieces will never yellow or fade in color as time goes on. NeatHeat baseboard covers are thermally conditioned to not take damage from the heat the elements are producing, and they can cover up or replace the existing heaters.

All you need is the clips on the bottom and the back plate, and NeatHeat’s covers just snap right over. Easy baseboard renovations are not a common thing, but with NeatHeat you can get the work done in seconds.

This saves you both time and money in the long run; instead of redoing the same work over and over again, all you have to do is pop off the covers and spend a couple minutes cleaning. To learn more about getting easy baseboard renovations by covering your heaters with NeatHeat, click here.