Figuring out an Easy Base Board Solution for your Home

What is the fast, easy base board solution to make your house look great?

easy base board solutionEveryone that is reworking their home is looking for the quick, simple solution. After all, who wants to spend hours upon hours of their free time trying to fix their home and get everything in good shape?

Unfortunately, perfect home renovations can be something of a unicorn as they tend to cost you a lot of time or money, both of which are valuable commodities. However, the reward is how good the rework looks and how long it lasts.

A quality home rework can actually last you years, saving you a lot of time and money in the long run and giving you more time to spend on other projects. That’s why, however you get your home renovations done, quality is a key factor.

Most homeowners will mix it up and figure out which renovations they’re good at getting done quick and efficiently, and which ones they struggle with. Those will be left to the contractors, which saves you time but, of course, costs you money.

What is the Catch with Home Renovations?

There is a downside to these home renovations: you’re spending a lot of your time and money on this, so you want to get the most out of the renovation. This is time and quality of the renovation; in other words, you want it to look good and last long.

That’s not always the case with renovations, and a common example homeowners struggle with is base board. Renovating your base board is incredibly difficult to accomplish because it takes a lot of time and doesn’t produce much of a great result.

Hot water heaters produce energy through a heating element that lines the walls along the floors in most rooms in a home. The element is protected by metal base board, which is constantly conducting the heat and constantly rusting.

A base board that is constantly rusting is constantly in need of being cleaned, but you’ve got to take apart each and every strip of base board in the house to actually get rid of all the rust all over your base board. Factor in the scratches and dents you’ve got to deal with, and you’re spending the better part of a weekend redoing your base board.

Easy Base Board Solution: NeatHeat Reconditioning System

Base board is frustrating to renovate because not only is it time consuming, but it also doesn’t produce much for you in terms of a good looking renovation. In fact, most base board looks outdated and doesn’t match well even at its newest, which is why covers are the easy base board solution.

Using a base board cover is great because it pops right over the existing base board, and a good cover will not take damage or get dirty the way standard base board does.

NeatHeat covers are the optimal solution because they’re made of a composite polymer, so they won’t rust, chip, or dent. In addition, they’ve been altered from standard polymer to not take thermal damage or to yellow/fade in color over time.

NeatHeat covers pop right on over your base board and can actually replace damaged or missing parts as long as you have two places for the covers to attach. Because they’re easy to install and remove, you can clean them or repaint them as you want, making them an incredibly easy base board solution.

NeatHeat as an easy base board solution is the best of both worlds, because you get a sleek new cover that’s quick and easy to use and saves you time and money in the long run. To learn more about NeatHeat as an easy base board solution, click here.