NeatHeat: The New DIY Baseboard Covers

How can DIY baseboard covers from NeatHeat save you money and provide you with a permanent solution to baseboard renovation?

DIY Baseboard coversWith any type of renovation, the priorities lie in saving money, making the renovation permanent, and making sure the renovation look good. Many renovate their offices or places of business to make sure that whenever customers come in, the atmosphere is as welcoming as possible.

Others redo their homes to ensure that their home has a clean, modern look that they can enjoy. There are countless reasons to renovate a building, but it stands to reason that you want the renovation to last as long as possible.

It’s fairly common for someone to complete some kind of renovation work, only to have to do the same work a few years later. Many will try to save money by doing their own renovations versus hiring someone else; the DIY or do it yourself brand of work has become incredibly common.

After all, people want to be able to do a good percentage of their own work, and if something is easy to install and saves money, the do it yourself method is incredibly convenient.

Dealing with a Building’s Baseboard

Air conditioning is considered to be one of the more fundamental factors in a home, regulating the temperature of the house so you have heat in the winter and a cool atmosphere in the summer.

Renovating baseboard, the external vents that produce that heat, can be difficult because they deteriorate so quickly due to the constant work they do.

It won’t be long until your baseboard becomes a negative part of the look of any room and needs to be renovated, but this renovation can be quite a bit of work for you to do yourself.

It takes quite some time to take apart each part of baseboard, and then you have to go about repainting, cleaning, or replacing the parts, depending on how bad the damage is.

After this is completed, you’re back to putting the entire system together again, only for the baseboard to very quickly reach that point where it needs to be redone yet again. You want a solution as far as having good looking baseboard in any room, but how can you do so effectively?

What do DIY Baseboard Covers do for You?

A solution to dealing with ugly baseboard that can be much more permanent is simply putting baseboard covers over the front plates.

That way, you don’t have to worry about the look of the baseboard, and they are easy to manage over time.

If you want to paint the baseboards a different color, you just paint the covers which are easy to remove and reattach. Cleaning them or replacing them doesn’t require all of that work to take apart the baseboard, and the covers are inexpensive and much more durable as well.

DIY baseboard covers can easily provide you with a better look for whatever room they are in as well, whether you’re dealing with your place of business or your home.

Why Should I Get NeatHeat DIY Baseboard Covers?

NeatHeat is a recent innovation as far as DIY baseboard covers that supplies you with everything you need as far as covers: you get a permanent replacement, it’s inexpensive, easy to install, and even easier to maintain as well.

With NeatHeat, you get covers made of a composite polymer, so they won’t scratch, dent, or rust. Plus, they have a component called titanium dioxide in them, so their color will never fade.

You can easily paint NeatHeat covers with any spray paint that works for a polymer, meaning you can get the best possible look out of your baseboard covers. Plus, NeatHeat covers are DIY baseboard covers, so you can install them over your baseboard with a snap.

Because of their structure, they will not fade and time will not age them, yet they will still radiate heat and do the same job as the baseboard front plate.

In fact, if you’re missing the front plate they will snap on right over; all you need is the back plate and the clips to install NeatHeat covers. To learn more about what NeatHeat DIY baseboard covers can do for the look of any building, click here.