Covering your Heaters in Seconds with NeatHeat

How is covering your heaters the best way to renovate your heating system?

covering your heatersIt’s important for homeowners to take the time to get their home in the best shape possible. However, it’s tough to pull off in between full time work, various responsibilities, and other personal tasks, which is why efficiency is key.

Pulling off the best renovations involves spending the least amount of time and money on the work while getting the most out of it as far as longevity. There are two ways to pull off a renovation: do the work yourself and save on money, or hire someone else to do the work to get yourself some free time.

Since funds are limited for busy homeowners, there’s only so much that you can hire someone else for, meaning you have to be able to pull off renovations yourself. Do it yourself renovations are very common, but some can be tough to pull off, especially when they aren’t capable of lasting very long.

For instance, renovating your baseboard is a very frustrating task to pull off because it’s so time consuming and doesn’t last very long, two facts that make baseboard work incredibly problematic.

Renovating a Baseboard Heater: What are the Challenges?

Baseboard heaters are made of metal and cover the heating element in your home, meaning the metal absorbs so much heat and attracts so much dust that they get rusty over time. In addition, heaters line the walls by the floors in most rooms in a home, so they’re easy to miss and get kicked and bumped into by furniture and such.

Between the rust, dust, dents, and scratches, it becomes incredibly time consuming to renovate the heater, and that kind of damage occurs so fast that it makes the previous renovation almost worthless.

Your time is worth something, and you don’t want to spend a lot of time/money to get your baseboard renovated when covering your heaters is such a better option.

Covering your Heaters is Easy with NeatHeat

With NeatHeat’s baseboard heat covers, you can easily pop the covers right on over the existing baseboard and save yourself both time and money. Paying for a heater cover means that all you’ve got to do is snap the cover on and you’ll never have to really worry again.

The advantage of the covers is that they’re so low-maintenance, and when you do have to work with them it’s easy to clean as all you have to do is pop the covers off to do the maintenance.

With NeatHeat’s heater covers, the only thing you have to worry about is dirt and filth, and that can be cleaned off the covers in seconds with household cleaners.

NeatHeat covers do not rust, chip, or dent, and they do not yellow or fade in color over time. Covering your heaters with NeatHeat means that if you want to repaint your baseboard, it’s an easy process involving popping the covers off and using a spray paint for polymers, found at your average hardware store.

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