Covering your Heater versus Replacing your Heater

Homeowners always want the most viable solution: which is the better option in the case of covering your heater versus replacing your heater?

covering your heater versus replacing your heaterNo matter what the work is, the most efficient option is the best option: the one that costs you the least in the form of time and money while provides you with the most overall benefit. With homes, that benefit is mainly cosmetic: most renovations done to a house are accomplished so your house looks good and stays looking good.

To that end, any renovation work you do on your house, you want to last as long as possible. No homeowner wants to invest a lot of time and money on work that is only going to last a short period of time before it needs to be redone.

This is the challenge with baseboard, which tends to have a short lifespan and a long renovation. Unlike most work you do to your house, baseboard heaters produce oxidation quickly because the heating element is pumping all of the home’s air conditioning right through the metal surrounding the element, which conducts and radiates the heat from there.

Why Can’t you Just Clean or Repaint your Baseboard?

Baseboard heaters take a lot of time to clean off; taking apart the baseboard itself is a lot of work, and then you’ve got to clean of rust, dust, and most likely get rid of dents and scratches as well. Most homeowners opt to just do their best and occasionally spend the money to get a replacement system.

But why constantly replace that entire baseboard for something that’s not going to last long, especially when it costs so much money? There’s got to be a better way to spend your time and money and get the baseboard looking good: that’s why it’s important to compare covering your heater versus replacing your heater.

A baseboard cover can be the ideal option for you because it provides a different look for your baseboard versus the heaters themselves, and heater covers can be much easier to deal with versus the baseboard itself.

The Benefits to Covering your Heater versus Replacing your Heater

With covers like NeatHeat’s, you get all of the advantages and no disadvantages, showing a clear victor between covering your heater versus replacing your heater. NeatHeat’s covers are made up of composite polymer, meaning they don’t rust, chip, or dent, and they’ve been thermally treated to never melt or offset gas at temperatures well above the home’s operating temperatures.

Plus, the covers are designed with titanium dioxide to never yellow or fade in color, and because they are a polymer they’re incredibly easy to manage. Cutting them only takes a hack saw or chop saw, and painting or cleaning is as easy as spray paint or household cleaners.

NeatHeat’s covers snap right on over the existing covers, even if the parts are damaged, making your life much easier when it comes to installation.

NeatHeat baseboard covers have been designed specifically to tailor all of your needs and save you money, allowing you to get the most longevity for the money you spend. To learn more about covering your heaver versus replacing your heater, click here.