Is Covering your Baseboard Heater the best Solution?

Homeowners need a good solution for baseboard issues, and covering your baseboard heater with NeatHeat is the answer.

covering your baseboard heaterHomeowners are always looking for the best new way to get their home in good shape. From taking the time to redo a specific part of the home to constantly keeping something in the home maintained, owning a home is a big responsibility that involves a lot of time and money. It makes sense that your average homeowner doesn’t want to drop a lot of money or take a lot of their free time accomplishing work that ends up not producing much of an end result.

No homeowner wants to take a lot of spare time to repaint their house if the paint job ends up chipping and cracking within a couple months. Nevertheless, homeowners deal with this when it comes to their baseboard heaters, which get damaged and disgusting within a few months of renovation.

To renovate a baseboard heater, one has to take apart each and every strip of baseboard in the home, clean off the parts, and put it all back together. However, cleaning these parts is not a simple process since most of the day they are dented, rusted, and damaged in ways that are time consuming to deal with.

The Problem with Baseboard

The problem with rust is how fast it springs up, so if you take a weekend to do all of the work necessary to clean or repaint your baseboard heaters, within a few months they’re just going to get rusted and damaged anyways to your frustration.

Homeowners don’t like to constantly have to deal with something like the baseboard, so it tends to fall to the sidelines and becomes a consistent detraction to the look and feel of the house.

The alternative that is not often heard of is simply covering your baseboard heater, providing a better looking renovation that can be much easier to work with over time versus your baseboard.

Covering your Baseboard Heater with NeatHeat

A cover from a company like NeatHeat can be a fantastic renovation since they pop right on over the existing baseboard, even if you have damaged or missing parts on the baseboard.

NeatHeat covers are made of a composite polymer, so they won’t rust, chip, or dent, and they have been specifically designed to never yellow or fade in color over time. Covering your baseboard heater is easy with NeatHeat because the parts snap right on over and there’s little to no maintenance to be done beyond that.

Of course, if you want to clean or repaint the baseboard, it’s as easy as popping the pieces off and doing the work. NeatHeat parts can be repainted using a spray paint for polymers found at your average hardware store or cleaned using household cleaners and the work can be done in minutes instead of taking up all of your free time.

NeatHeat’s covers provide a better looking alternative to dealing with your baseboard and make covering your baseboard heater incredibly straightforward and cost effective. Using NeatHeat’s covers when covering your baseboard heater means you can save yourself both time and money in the long run; to learn more about the benefits of NeatHeat, click here.