What does Covering Baseboard Heaters do to Make Life Easy?

Can covering baseboard heaters really be the best, easiest solution to getting your baseboard redone?

covering baseboard heatersA house is considered to be one of the most important pieces of property someone can own. Since you spend a good percentage of your time in your home, it’s safe to say that you always want your home looking good. This can be difficult for a host of reasons, most of them involving being busy with other responsibilities and not having enough time to do your own renovations.

Home renovations are either time consuming or expensive; and most homeowners prefer to do the former where they can. However, the homeowner only has so much time to accomplish the work, so they need to be efficient.

The average house owner will spend the vast majority of their weekend trying to get work like this done quickly but also effectively. After all, you don’t want to rush a project in your home only for it to come out poorly or not last very long.

Longevity is considered the most important part of a renovation, because a good renovation lasts a while but not all jobs you do will work quite this way. A good example is a baseboard heater, which tends to take a lot of time to work on and doesn’t give you much in terms of benefit when you renovate them.

The Challenge Involving Hot Water Heaters

Hot water baseboard heaters are composed of a heating element that lines the bottom corner along the walls of most rooms in a home, and they are covered up by the metal heater parts for protection. Unfortunately, because these pieces are made of metal they oxidize incredibly quickly, especially since they are absorbing so much heat in such a short amount of time.

The struggle here is that it takes so much time and effort just to get the heaters clean that once they rust again, it’s essentially considered not worth it by most homeowners.

You’ve got to take apart each metal piece surrounding the element on every strip of baseboard in the home, clean them all off, and put it all back together again, and if you’ve got dents or scratches (which is almost always a guarantee) it’ll take even longer.

Covering Baseboard Heaters using NeatHeat

Homeowners have a lot of trouble getting their baseboard looking good, which is why covering baseboard heaters with a cover is absolutely the smarter move. A baseboard cover looks much better versus your heater and can be a lot easier to install and maintain over time.

Covering baseboard heaters with NeatHeat is the solution because NeatHeat’s covers are made of a composite polymer, meaning they won’t rust, chip, or dent. In addition, they are incredibly easy to install as they pop right on over the existing heater, even if your baseboard heater is damaged or parts are missing.

NeatHeat covers consist of the six foot and four foot pieces, which can be easily cut or extended with a splice plate, inside corner pieces, and left/right end caps to top the entire system off. NeatHeat’s covers are easy to clean as all you need are standard household cleaning products and you can pop the covers off to make cleaning easy.

Similarly, you can repaint your baseboard covers using a spray paint from your average hardware store. Covering baseboard heaters is incredibly easy with something like NeatHeat; to learn more, click here.