Covering Baseboard Heaters is Easy Using NeatHeat

How can covering baseboard heaters be the best solution when you’re trying to renovate your heaters?

covering baseboard heatersHomeowners are always looking for the best way to get their home in good shape. After all, a home is one of the most expensive, valuable things you can own, and it’s the location you spend the vast majority of your time in.

There are plenty of reasons to put constant work in your home, which is why all homeowners spend the vast majority of their weekends on getting their residence in the best possible shape.

From easier tasks like garden maintenance, cleaning, and other typical kinds of housework to more time-consuming jobs like redoing a room or repainting, homeowners will put a set amount of time into a renovation and get a specific amount of longevity out of it.

Something like cleaning doesn’t take long, but needs to be done constantly. However, time consuming tasks like painting a house takes a homeowner a while or can cost them alert, but the advantage is that you won’t have to paint the house for quite a while.

The Challenge of Renovation

Renovations are a balance of time, money, and longevity, and the most important part of all of this is the longevity with the bigger jobs. Dealing with something like a baseboard heater is no exception, as the objective is to clean every piece of baseboard in the home and put the entire system back together.

The challenge is that a baseboard heater is a lengthy, frustrating renovation to deal with that doesn’t provide much for the homeowner in terms of rewards. Homeowners end up spending hours upon hours taking apart the entire baseboard system, cleaned the parts, and put it all together, and this is a more frustrating process considering the fact that baseboard lines the walls in most rooms in a home.

Plus, baseboard heaters are made of metal, so they oxidize incredibly quickly to the chagrin of the homeowner. Many homeowners need a good solution, which is why covering baseboard heaters can be such an appealing method to them.

Covering Baseboard Heaters: Why Do It?

If you put a cover on your baseboard heater you can provide your home with a better looking, effective renovation that saves you both time and money in the long run. Homeowners struggle with the best way to get their baseboard looking great, but covering baseboard heaters with something like NeatHeat has been proven to be the easiest method out there.

Putting a baseboard cover on your heater gives you the ability to make maintenance easy, as all you have to do is pop the cover off and do the necessary work on the cover. The magic with NeatHeat is the covers are made of a composite polymer, so they do not rust, chip, or dent, and they have been designed with titanium dioxide to never yellow or fade in color over time.

In addition, the covers have been thermally conditioned to not melt or offset gas below the operating temperatures of the home. Covering baseboard heaters is easy with NeatHeat because the covers pop right on over the existing heaters, and they can be popped off for painting and cleaning.

If you want to paint your covers you just use spray paint for standard polymers, and you can clean the covers using standard cleaning products. To learn more about covering baseboard heaters with NeatHeat, click here.