Covering Base Board using NeatHeat’s Covers

What does covering base board do to benefit homeowners that are making home interior renovations?

covering base boardAnybody who’s ever tried to get their baseboards in decent shape will tell you what a headache it is and what little reward it provides. Hot water heaters produce their energy through a heating element that is protected by metal baseboard that provides heat through conduction.

The problem is that, while the metal conducts the heat and provides a flow of energy to the room, it also oxidizes quicker in the process. In fact, most baseboard heaters take quite a bit of damage beyond the rust; since they sit down by the floor by the wall in most rooms in a home, they get kicked, bumped into, and hit in ways that result in dents and scratches.

Getting rid of rust, dents, and scratches is not easy to do with metal and requires a lot of elbow work, and doing that for each and every piece of baseboard in every strip of baseboard in the house is a long, monotonous process.

Homeowners Working on Baseboard

What makes this more frustrating is the fact that it’s time consuming taking apart the baseboard heaters because the back plate is screwed to the wall and the heating element is right in the way. Homeowners will spend the greater part of a weekend taking apart, cleaning or repainting, and putting back together all of the strips of baseboard in a house, only to have to redo the work within a few months.

Homeowners only have so much free time, and can’t spend a weekend every four to eight weeks doing the same work when they have so much more to do in home renovation and personal time. This is why homeowners look into covering base board instead, since a cover can be handled a lot more easily than a baseboard heater.

Plus, a cover can be much easier to install and uninstall compared to a baseboard heater. The question is, where can you get a cover that fits your needs, is cost effective, and makes your life more convenient when trying to do renovations? The answer is NeatHeat, a company dedicated to getting you the best baseboard covers at a low cost in the long run.

Covering Base Board with NeatHeat

The trick with NeatHeat’s covers is that they do not rust or take damage easily, they can be cleaned with household products or painted with spray paint, and they make your heaters look good all of the time! Baseboard heaters have an ugly, outdated look, even at their freshest, and renovating them generally doesn’t do anything other than make them look normal.

With NeatHeat’s covers, they can be a real addition to any part of your home, especially the bathroom. NeatHeat’s covers are made of polymer, meaning they won’t rust, chip, or dent, and they do not show scratches in their natural color of white. However, repainting them can be done easily if you want.

In addition, the covers do not yellow or fade in color over time, and they do not take damage due from the heat being produced. In fact, the covers act as an insulator, providing a better heat flow through convection instead of conduction.

Covering base board has never been easier with NeatHeat as the parts just snap right on over, and they help you get a quick, easy renovation in your life. To learn more about covering base board with NeatHeat, click here.