Covering a Heater can save you Money in the Long Run

How is covering a heater the best option for homeowners with baseboard?

covering a heaterHaving a way to take care of your baseboard is one of the most important factors in home renovation. Every other renovation you’ll have to do will either cost you a lot of money/time and last you a while, or will be inexpensive and will constantly have to be redone.

These options are easily favorable to dealing with baseboard, which can take you a full weekend to clean or repaint and cost you money to do, only to last a few months before looking abysmal and disgusting again.

The process is both lengthy and time-consuming for a number of reasons: one, baseboard lines the walls in most rooms of a home, meaning there’s a lot of baseboard to renovate. Second, baseboard gets scratched and dented, which is much more frustrating to deal with versus just cleaning off dust.

Third and foremost, baseboard parts are all individually attached onto the wall in such a way that you have to unscrew piece by piece from the wall until you can clean all of the pieces, and you have to repeat the process when putting it back together.

All of this makes baseboard heater renovation incredibly time consuming, and with the inevitability of rust, you’re going to end up redoing the work within a few short months.

The Right Way to go about Covering a Heater

Homeowners need an effective alternative that can save them time and money when renovating a baseboard heater, which is why the concept of covering a heater can be so attractive. A heater cover can be designed to be easy to clean and paint to save you time, and the simple installation of a cover can make the overall price incredibly time-efficient.

This is why NeatHeat is such a great product: it offers you time, saves you money, and gets your baseboard looking good. NeatHeat covers are made of a composite polymer, which will not rust, chip, dent, and they have been designed to act slightly different than your standard polymer.

For one, titanium dioxide ensures your covers will not yellow or fade in color over time, which makes baseboard a more permanent solution. In addition, the covers have been thermally conditioned so they will not melt or offset gas well below the temperature range a house can operate in.

How do NeatHeat’s Covers Work?

NeatHeat’s covers consist of a six foot piece, four foot piece, end caps, splice plate, and inside corner. The splice plate ensures you can make short pieces longer, and a hack saw or chop saw will make longer pieces shorter instantly.

Plus, if your floor was installed after the baseboard or the piping is in the way, the end caps can be scored and snapped so they can still be used in tight situations.

NeatHeat’s covers can be cleaned or painted in seconds since all of the pieces pop right on and off the baseboard; all you need is spray paint for polymers (found in your average hardware store) or household cleaning products to take care of your covers in minutes!

Cover a heater has never been easier, and NeatHeat’s covers do the job while making your heaters look so much better. To learn more about covering a heater the best way possible, click here.