Using NeatHeat in Covering a Heater versus Cleaning a Heater

What are the pros and cons of redoing your base board heating system? Which is better between covering a heater versus cleaning a heater?

covering a heater versus cleaning a heaterIt’s not easy for homeowners to figure out how to juggle work, personal responsibilities, cooking, cleaning, and the seemingly endless home reworks. Time quickly becomes the homeowner’s most valuable asset as they can manage it in such a way that benefits everyone.

Most homeowners will set aside a weekend to accomplish the appropriate home renovation. But what happens when they need something huge done like a rework of their entire deck, or masonry for their yard?

In those cases and many more where the homeowner may not be experienced in the work, it’s smart to hire a contractor to do the work. The trick is that it’s costly to hire someone else, so homeowners have to balance when they hire a contractor and when they do the work themselves.

The best way to determine how to get a renovation done is by making a judgment call on how well the renovation will get done. If you believe you’re capable of the work, it’s smart to save money, but no homeowner wants to spend a full weekend on a renovation that ends up coming out subpar.

Covering a Heater versus Cleaning a Heater

This is the challenge for homeowners with base board heaters. Many feel that they can spend a lot of time on their base board, only for them to come out looking less than perfect.

Why is base board such a hassle? For starters, to get them cleaned right you’ve got to strip all of the base board, including unscrewing parts from the wall, and there’s generally a lot of base board in your home.

Then you get to work cleaning the heater parts of rust and scratches, which isn’t too difficult but can be time consuming. However, you reach the point where you’ve got to buff out and get rid of the dents and scratches, and the work gets a little more time consuming beyond that.

Once you put it all back together, odds are you’ve spent the better part of your weekend renovating the base board, which doesn’t quite feel accomplishing when you realize the base board still has this subpar, outdated look to it.

Add in the fact that you’re just going to have to do all that work again within a short period of time (weeks to months depending on how often you run your heat), and many homeowners are left feeling frustrated with their home renovation.

Why use a NeatHeat Base Board Cover?

This is why many homeowners explore the alternative of covering a heater versus cleaning a heater: a cover snaps right on over the existing base board and can even replace the heater parts. A sleek, good looking cover is much more appealing cosmetically versus the rusty, outdated base board.

NeatHeat’s covers are especially great because they are made of a composite polymer so they’re not going to rust, chip, or dent, and they have been uniquely designed to not melt, offset gas, yellow, or fade in color as time goes on.

NeatHeat’s covers snap right on and off the base board no matter what, so if you want to clean or repaint them, it’s a much easier process. When it comes to covering a heater versus cleaning a heater, NeatHeat is clearly the best choice for homeowners.

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