Covering a Baseboard Makes a Renovation Last Seconds

How can covering a baseboard make life easier for homeowners everywhere?

covering a baseboardWhether you live in a house or apartment, you can’t argue with the fact that you spend a decent percentage of your free time keeping the living space clean. However, those who have a house, whether they live there or not, spend quite a bit of time doing higher level renovations.

When owning a residence, it’s a priority to keep everything as clean and good looking as you can, especially when it comes to the overall look of the entire home. You want your house be a benefit to your neighborhood, and you want your house to have appeal whether you’re having company over or are inevitably planning to sell.

That means everything, exterior and interior, needs to look good for quite a bit of time, and that’s not an easy thing to accomplish. Nevertheless, homeowners will spend their weekends and days off doing work like repainting the house or renovating rooms to make sure that their home looks good in the long run.

They’ll either spend a lot of time doing this work, or they’ll hire someone to do the work for them and spend a lot of money. Either way, homeowners will invest quite a bit into getting their home in good shape; and the longer the work they do lasts, the more successful it is.

The Exception when Renovating Baseboard Heaters

This is not the case with baseboard heaters, which makes life much more difficult for homeowners with hot water heaters. Every homeowner with hot water baseboard heaters knows that the trouble with baseboard is that no matter how much work you do to clean them, they will end up rusting again within a short period of time.

It can take hours to take apart baseboard heaters because you have to manually take apart the front plate, back plate, clips, and fins off of each strip of baseboard in your home. Once you do that, you have to clean the baseboard parts, which always ends up being the majority of the work, because oxidation, dents, and scratches are not easy to get rid of without leaving the baseboard looking shabby.

Once you get all the repair work done (and painting if necessary) and put everything back together (taking more time) it generally ends up taking up a weekend to get the job done. However, it’s almost a guarantee that the baseboard will look subpar again within a few months because if they don’t get damaged in any other way, there’s no way they won’t rust.

Covering a Baseboard Using NeatHeat

Metal baseboard heaters that are absorbing and radiating heat energy on a daily basis are guaranteed to oxidize quickly, which becomes a frustrating fix for homeowners everywhere. However, the easy solution that many homeowners had not thought of is covering a baseboard, because a cover can look much better and be a lot easier to deal with as far as maintenance goes.

A perfect example is NeatHeat’s baseboard covers because they are made up of a polymer, so painting them is as easy as a spray paint for polymers and cleaning can be done almost instantly with household cleaners.

In addition, they are designed to snap on right over the existing covers and can even replace the front plate if necessary, meaning redoing your baseboard will take a few seconds using NeatHeat.

The covers will never rust, chip, dent, or yellow or fade in color, making them the ultimate solution when it comes to covering a baseboard. To learn more about the benefits of using NeatHeat in covering a baseboard heater, click here.