The Benefit of Covering a Baseboard Heater

What can covering a baseboard heater using NeatHeat mean for the look of your home?

covering a baseboard heaterWhether you’re renting a property out or only own the residence you live in, everyone wants their property to stay in good shape. However, paint can only stay fresh and not chipped for so long, rugs will become worn, and many parts of the exterior and interior of your home will eventually deteriorate.

When this happens, it comes time to either grab your tools or pick up the phone book and get renovations completed; while they may cost you time or money, they are always considered worth it.

There are countless benefits to getting your residence renovated, so spending time and/or money to get them done is almost always the right course of action. However, the entire purpose of you renovating is for longevity; if a renovation you do lasts a short period of time, then what’s the point in spending your time or your money in the first place?

This is the dilemma homeowners face with baseboard heaters, which cannot be physically altered in such a way that they will be easy to renovate. Many homeowners have hot water heaters which provide their heat energy through an element in the baseboard heater protected by metal shielding.

These baseboard heaters are located on the bottom corner of a wall, lining the walls of most rooms in a home, meaning they are easy to miss but are still easily noticeable in some portions of the home like the bathroom.

Covering a Baseboard Heater: The Better Renovation Tactic

The problem with them is the fact that metal both oxidizes and absorbs energy, meaning they will get rusted incredibly fast. In addition, baseboard heaters get dusty, get dented and kicked, and take an obscene amount of damage very quickly.

Homeowners need a better way to accomplish renovations, which is why most homeowners end up just covering a baseboard heater instead of cleaning or painting it. A cover is a much better option as far as a renovation, but many homeowners don’t know where exactly to get the best baseboard cover.

NeatHeat is the solution, creating heater covers that are incredibly easy to use. They are made up of a composite polymer, meaning they do not ever rust, get chipped, get dented, and do not show scratches easily due to their continuous white color.

Installing NeatHeat’s Baseboard Covers

Plus, NeatHeat’s covers have been designed with titanium dioxide, which prevents them from yellowing or fading in color over time. NeatHeat’s reconditioning system is made up of a six foot piece, a four foot piece, an inside corner, two end caps, and a splice plate.

If pieces need to be longer you use the splice plate, but pieces that need to be cut can be cut easily using a hack saw or chop saw. All of the pieces pop right on, even if you don’t have the front plate; in fact, all you need is the back piece and the clips on the bottom to install NeatHeat!

Their covers are incredibly easy to work with; not only can you install them easily, but you can clean them using household cleaners and repaint them using a spray paint for polymers.

NeatHeat’s covers require little to no maintenance and any work you have to do is easy, making covering a baseboard heater incredibly fast and easy.

For the ideal renovation, putting NeatHeat in your home is the easy option that can make your baseboard look good. To learn more about covering a baseboard heater with NeatHeat, click here.