Why should you Cover your Base Board with NeatHeat?

When you cover your base board with NeatHeat, you can save time, money, and make your life a lot easier.

cover your base boardOwning a house is all about trying to save as much time and money as possible while you work on your home constantly. After all, a homeowner with a full-time job can only spend so much of their time and money on benefitting their home, which is why the average homeowner will hire someone else for more complicated tasks.

The downside is that hiring someone else costs a lot more money versus doing something yourself, but you need to have free time to pull off a renovation. Many a homeowner will spend their free weekend time pulling off renovation work like repainting, getting the flooring redone, installing appliances, and more.

Some renovations are easier and more straightforward to pull off than others, as they will be worth the time and money you spent by lasting as long as possible. The longer lasting a renovation is compared to the work you spend on it, the more it is considered worth it.

Why Should you Cover your Base Board?

This is why hot water baseboard heaters are so annoying: it takes a lot of time and money to renovate your heaters, but the renovation you pull off won’t really last long. Baseboard heaters are made of metal, so when the heating element is constantly producing energy, the metal is guaranteed to oxidize because it conducts so much metal.

There has to be a better option for homeowners versus doing a straightforward renovation considering how long it takes to take apart, clean, and put together all of your baseboard. The best option for a homeowner is to cover your base board, because instead of having to take apart your heaters for a renovation, you can simply pop on a cover that is a lot easier to renovate over time.

A base board heater cover is a lot easier to install and uninstall, meaning that maintenance is simple for the homeowner. With NeatHeat, you can cover your base board with the best possible heater cover out there.

How Does NeatHeat Work?

NeatHeat’s covers are made of a specialized plastic that won’t rust, chip, or dent, avoiding 90% of the obnoxious damage that heaters take. They’ve been chemically modified with titanium dioxide, so not only will they not yellow or fade in color over time, but they’ve also been thermally conditioned to withstand the heating element.

In fact, because the covers are an insulator and do not conduct the heat, they act through convection, which many homeowners consider as the better way to distribute heat throughout the heat. When you cover your base board with NeatHeat, you get a much better looking renovation that can actually replace almost all the metal on your baseboard.

All you need is the back plate and the clips and NeatHeat covers have a top and bottom to effectively cover your heating element. NeatHeat’s covers can be cleaned using household products, and painting is simple as long as you can acquire spray paint for polymers, found at your average hardware store.

NeatHeat’s covers are designed to be the best solution to cover your base board; to learn more about using NeatHeat, click here.