Cover a Base Board to Make your Heater Look Good

What is the advantage for a homeowner to cover a base board? How can it save you money?

cover a base boardIt’s no secret that the ultimate goal for most people is to own their own home, someplace they can really settle down and grow their family. Odds are, a house is easily the biggest purchase you’ll make in a lifetime, and keeping its value up is incredibly important.

This is a very time-consuming challenge, because home maintenance goes from the simple tasks like landscape type work to something complicated like putting down new tile, repainting, getting the driveway redone, and many others. Homeowners are always left with two options: do the work themselves and spend their own time, or hire someone else to do the work and spend their money.

Either way, you as a homeowner would be giving up something, whether it’s your precious free time or the funds you work hard to earn. To that end, it stands to reason that you’d want any work you do on your home to be worth it in quality.

This means having a renovation that looks good and lasts long, both of which generally depend on how much time/money you spend on the task. However, there are some tasks where no matter how much effort you put in or how much you spend, they don’t work very well.

How the Hot Water Base Board Heater Works

Case in point is the hot water base board heater, a device used to provide air conditioning in the home. Base board heaters line the walls along the floor in most rooms in a home, and the heating elements radiate heat through the metal baseboard that surrounds the element.

This is where the problems start: metal oxidizes, especially when there’s a lot of energy flow involved, so the metal baseboard is guaranteed to rust quickly. Of course, whenever you deal with something like rust or mold, it’s easy to clean it, right?

This is not necessarily so with baseboard, which requires a bit of work to take apart so you can actually get to the back plates for cleaning. Add in the fact that most baseboard heaters get dented, scratched, and take other damage, and multiply in however many feet of heaters you have in your home, and you’re spending a weekend renovating your baseboard.

Why you Should Cover a Base Board using NeatHeat

Of course, most renovations require a lot of work, but something like painting will last you years, while redoing baseboard is going to last you months at best. Most homeowners do not think of the alternative to physically maintaining a base board: if you cover a base board with something like NeatHeat you save yourself a lot of time and money.

The magic to NeatHeat is that their covers are made of a composite polymer and they easily pop off and on, meaning it takes you seconds to cover a base board with NeatHeat. In fact, even if the front plates on the baseboard are damaged or missing, NeatHeat will still pop on over, essentially replacing your metal baseboard!

NeatHeat is the best thing to use to cover a base board because they never rust, chip, dent, and have been designed specifically to not yellow, fade in color, or take damage over time from the heat. In fact, NeatHeat’s covers are easy to clean and repaint too!

All you need is spray paint for polymer s or household cleaners, and the job can be done in a flash. With NeatHeat, you get the best way to cover a base board, saving you time and money; to learn more, click here.