Is Cleaning Baseboard better than Heaters?

Is there an alternative to cleaning baseboard of rust every few months?

cleaning baseboardAll homes take time and effort to make sure that everything is perfect, which is easier said than done for busy homeowners. Homeowners are forced to spend what limited free time they have to get their home in perfect shape or will simply end up hiring someone else to get the work done for them.

This means that homeowners will either spend a lot of time or a lot of money to get their renovations done, which is not easy to deal with. The fact of the matter is, as a busy residence owner that works full time, it is not easy to spend your free time getting work done; your time is worth just as much as your money when it comes to renovations.

That’s why, when it comes to renovating your baseboard, cleaning baseboard is not the easiest solution. Baseboard heaters are not easy to clean because you have to take the time take apart every strip of baseboard in the home, and cleaning them is not as easy as you’d think.

How Cleaning Baseboard Ends Up Taking too much Time

Baseboard heaters get dented, scratched, and damaged in ways that take time to clean or repair your heater. The worst part is that no matter what, baseboard heaters are guaranteed to rust very quickly, meaning you’ll just have to go about cleaning baseboard all over again.

Homeowners need a good way to deal with their baseboard heater covers that doesn’t involving spending so much of their free time in a way that feels wasted. This is why homeowners like the alternative of using baseboard heater covers.

Instead of cleaning baseboard or repainting baseboard, all you have to do is pop on a cover and your renovation work is completed. Plus, a good cover is easy to paint or clean, and is more resistant to damage compared to baseboard heaters.

What is the Benefit to NeatHeat’s Covers?

This is the benefit of using NeatHeat covers in your home instead of taking time painting or cleaning baseboard; NeatHeat covers are the best solution for homeowners. NeatHeat covers are made up of a composite polymer, so they will not rust, get chipped, get dented, or show scratches easily due to their continuous white color.

Of course, if you do not like the color, you can change it and it’s as easy as a few minutes with a can of spray paint for polymers found at your average hardware store. NeatHeat covers were also designed with titanium dioxide, meaning they will never yellow or fade in color over time.

Plus, NeatHeat covers have been thermally conditioned to not melt or offset gas well below the operating temperatures of a home, and they do not absorb heat. This means that NeatHeat covers provide heat via convection instead of conduction, which many homeowners considered to be the better method of producing heat in the house.

Cleaning baseboard is time consuming and constantly needs to be done; but popping on a NeatHeat cover takes seconds and are incredibly low maintenance to deal with them over time.

If you want to clean your NeatHeat covers, all you need to do is pop off the covers and use household cleaners and the filth will come off in seconds. To learn more about how using NeatHeat covers is the better option compared to repainting and cleaning baseboard, click here.