Why you Should Buy Baseboard Heater Cover Through NeatHeat

When it comes to renovating your house’s baseboard system, why should you buy baseboard heater cover?

buy baseboard heater coverWhether you’re selling your home or getting into spring cleaning mode, every home owner considers it a necessity to put the work in and get their residence looking good again.

Renovations can be challenging but no matter what, you’ve got to do them sooner or later if you want to keep your house in decent shape. However, some renovations can give you a hard time by costing too much, not lasting long, or just being a lot of work in general.

Any gasfitter will tell you that dealing with hydronic baseboard heaters gives you all three of these issues as renovations are time consuming and not easy overall. It takes quite a bit of time to take apart each piece on a strip of baseboard, then you’ve got to get to work repainting or cleaning off all of the parts just to put it back together again.

Of course you could skip this step and replace the parts, but that’ll cost you a bit of money. Once you get everything back together after putting time, effort, and money into your renovation, it’s almost guaranteed to rust, dent, and look disgusting within the year, frustrating homeowners with hydronic baseboard.

Why you Should Buy Baseboard Heater Cover


They need a better way to deal with their baseboard system, and they can get it if they buy baseboard heater cover for their home. Instead of dealing with putting time and money into redoing your baseboard over and over again, you can buy baseboard heater cover and get a much more permanent, easier to manage renovation.

However, you don’t want to spend money on just any baseboard covers, you want ones that will be as permanent and effective as possible in providing you with a service. Your baseboard covers need to be easy to manage, easy, to maintain, and last as long as possible without being too much of a hassle.

The solution comes when you buy baseboard heater cover through NeatHeat, a company dedicated to bringing you the best product possible. With NeatHeat covers, you get a composite polymer cover that will easily snap on or off to your baseboard, making life much easier for you in the long run.

The installation takes seconds, meaning you can easily maintain your covers over a long period of time: all you do is snap them off and clean them or paint them if needed. Cleaning is easy, and all you need are household cleaning products to do the trick.

Advantages of NeatHeat’s Covers

If you want to repaint your covers, a spray paint for composite polymers will do the trick and all you have to do is pop off the covers and put on the one coat. Not only do the covers save you time in your renovations, but they are physically designed to look better and last longer than your hydronic baseboard.

They are made of a composite polymer, so they will never rust, chip, or dent unlike your baseboard, and they’ve been modified to never yellow or fade in color. Their continuous white color does not show scratches easily, and they are temperature treated so they will not melt or offset gas well below the operating temperatures of a home.

Plus, they are designed to act as an insulator and not absorb heat, so they are not too hot to touch and will provide heat to your home via convection instead of conduction, a much better option for your home as far as heat flow.

NeatHeat covers are also much safer and kid-friendly compared to your hydronic baseboard as they don’t have sharp edges or absorb as much heat. To learn more about how you can buy baseboard heater cover through NeatHeat, click here.