Who has the Best Baseboard Covers for your Home?

Are the best baseboard covers for your home from NeatHeat? What makes their covers so great?

best baseboard coversIt doesn’t matter whether you’re a landlord, a gasfitter, or just your average homeowner- if you’ve got hot water heaters, chances are you’ve dealt with the challenges that come along with the baseboard heaters.

The heaters line the baseboard, located in the bottom corner of most rooms of a home, and they are simply not easy to handle. Because they are made of a sharp metal and produce quite a bit of energy at any given time, they oxidize easily and heat up, meaning they not only look bad but are also considered unsafe in homes.

Because homeowners tend to not easily notice the baseboard, it tends to get dirty, dinged, scratched, and dented, meaning within months of buying a new baseboard heating system they tend to get incredibly disgusting very fast. Dealing with the baseboard is another matter entirely, because most of the work you can do is either time consuming or costly.

Why is Renovating Baseboard a Challenge?

First off, just taking apart the system is a challenge because many of the parts are tough to reach and need to be detached, and with heaters all over your home, it can take a while. Once you get all the parts detached, you have three options: clean them, paint them, and/or replace them.

Cleaning them can take quite a bit of time, as most of the damage that occurs is not easy to undo. You can repaint, but you’re guaranteed to have to do a couple coats and it’s not guaranteed to look good.

You can also replace the system, but this can be very costly, but the fact of the matter is no matter what route you take, the heaters are just going to get all rusted and disgusting within a few short months.

The Best Baseboard Covers from NeatHeat

The new solution to this that saves residence owners time and money is baseboard covers, but where can you really get the best baseboard covers that give you everything you need in a cover?

The solution is NeatHeat, a company that specifically designs a reconditioning system for hydronic baseboard heaters. The pieces consist of a 4 foot and 6 foot strip of the cover, two types of end caps, an inside corner piece, and a splice plate.

All of the pieces install with a snap, making it an incredibly quick and easy renovation to pull off. The end caps can have the bottoms scored and snapped off in case the floor was installed higher than normal, and splice plates can be used if you have a section of baseboard longer than 6 feet.

Installing NeatHeat in a Snap

If a piece is too long, a hack saw or chop saw will easily do the trick, and if you want to clean or repaint the covers, household cleaners and spray paint for polymers will respectively do the trick. The cover are made of a composite polymer, so they won’t rust, chip, dent, fade in color, yellow, or melt or offset gas at your home’s operating temperatures.

They are considered the best baseboard covers by many residence owners because they can last a very long time, are easy to install and maintain, and provide a much sleeker, newer look to your baseboard.

Baseboard heaters tend to look very dilapidated and outdated, and NeatHeat is considered one of the best baseboard covers for freshening up your baseboard heater. To learn more about the benefits of NeatHeat, one of the best baseboard covers you can get, click here.