What are the Benefits of a Baseboard Cover in your House?

What reservations do homeowners have about redoing baseboard, and what are the benefits of a baseboard cover instead?

benefits of a baseboard coverOwning a house is a huge responsibility that tends to consume a lot of the free time homeowners have when they are not working or taking care of their families and such. From taking care of the lawn and gardening in the spring to general cleaning to more time consuming work, homeowners are constantly working at keeping the value of their home high.

While it can end up costing a lot of money, homeowners will hire others to do some of the more time consuming renovations themselves since the homeowner’s time is valuable. On other occasions, a homeowner will save money by taking their free time to do the work themselves, especially if they have the ability to perform an efficient renovation.

For instance, a lot of skilled painters will end up doing their own paint work, or homeowners that worked as gasfitters will replace their own heating system.

How do you Fix your Baseboard?

The most experienced gasfitter won’t have a lot of good ideas when it comes to renovating the baseboard heaters themselves unfortunately: there’s no magic solution to prevent metal from rusting, accumulating dust, and getting dented and damaged.

Baseboard heaters attract all of this damage and none of it’s easy to deal with: you’ve got to take time to take apart the baseboard heaters, work on each and every damaged piece, and put it all together. Since baseboard heaters line the walls in most rooms in a home, this is a lengthy process that can take up a free weekend.

All in all, homeowners will sink a lot of time into heater renovation just to realize that the heaters are going to get rusty, scratched, and damaged in a few short months. Frustrated homeowners look for an alternative in the form of the baseboard cover; since they cannot physically alter the heaters themselves, they resolve to use a cover instead.

It’s tough to figure out what are the benefits of a baseboard cover that makes one heater cover better than the other. You want a cover that is easy to install and maintain, looks good, and provides you convenience no matter what your problems with your heaters are. For instance, some homeowners have a front plate on their baseboard that is incredibly damaged or missing, and a cover won’t install over because of that.

What are the Benefits of a Baseboard Cover?

Others had their floor installed after the baseboard so the covers they buy end up being too long. The one size fits all solution to your baseboard issues is NeatHeat, a cover that is designed to install over your baseboard heaters no matter what.

So what are the benefits of a baseboard cover from NeatHeat? NeatHeat’s covers are made of composite polymer, so they won’t rust, chip, dent, yellow in color, or fade over time, and if you want to clean or repaint them all you need are standard household products.

If you’ve got an interfering floor or pipe with your covers, NeatHeat’s covers can be scored and trimmed to fit on your baseboard, and all you need is the back plates and the clips for NeatHeat covers to install.

NeatHeat designed their covers to be the ultimate solution to all of your hot water baseboard problems; to learn more about what are the benefits of a baseboard cover, click here.