What is the Benefit to Covering your Base Board Heater?

When examining your home renovation options, what is the benefit to covering your base board heater with NeatHeat?

benefit to covering your base board heaterAs a homeowner, you only want the best in terms of house reworks, from the look of the house to how well it functions. The cosmetic appeal of a house is just as important as the operation of it, from cleaning and redoing rooms to rewiring the lights.

Homeowners end up juggling a lot of work and find that the smartest solution is to mix and match between what work they do and the work they hire someone else for. After all, homeowners that aren’t well-versed in something like plumbing shouldn’t just pull out their toolbox and waste time and money doing the work.

Your time as a homeowner is just as valuable as your money as you’ve got full-time work and most likely only have nights and weekends to get the job done. Throw in other personal responsibilities and the basics like cooking and cleaning, and you’re left with precious periods of time to work on your home, so you’ve absolutely got to make them count.

How do Home Renovations Work?

Being efficient with your time and money is important in renovations; after all, you’ve only got so much of both to offer and you want your home to look good. However, the end game with renovations is always longevity.

If you spend a fair deal of money on hiring someone to put new shingles on the roof or take the time to repaint a room, the advantage is in time you’ve gained. As long as the rework is done right, it’s going to last years with minimal effort from you, meaning you can focus on other tasks with your free time and don’t have to worry about this rework for a while.

Some renovations are not this simple and end up being time consuming and/or costly and don’t provide you with much longevity. The perfect example is hot water heaters, which line the walls in most rooms in a home.

The problem with the heating elements is that they are dangerous when exposed to open air, especially with children around, which is why heating elements are protected by metal base board parts. The metal conducts the heat, producing heated airflow but also a nasty side effect: rust.

Benefit to Covering your Base Board Heater

No homeowner wants to deal with base board because it’s all over the house and is tough to disassemble, scrub the rust off, and put back together. In addition, they have quite an outdated look and have sharp corners that can easily cut and scratch you.

Speaking of cuts and scratches, you can dent and scuff up base board far to easily by bumping into them or moving furniture that hits them, and removing scratches can be quite tedious. Homeowners get quite frustrated when trying to find a good way to rework their base board.

There’s a benefit to covering your base board heater instead of trying to rework it: a good cover can last a long time and be incredibly low maintenance. Covers from NeatHeat are made of a polymers such that they won’t rust, chip, dent, or show scratches.

NeatHeat covers snap right on over the existing base board, meaning they’re easy to install or remove even if parts of your base board are damaged or missing. Cleaning and maintenance of your covers is as simple as popping them off and using household cleaners to get the job done in seconds.

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