How you can Benefit from a Baseboard Cover from NeatHeat

When it comes to getting your home renovated, do you know how you can benefit from a baseboard cover?

benefit from a baseboard coverHomeowners are always looking for the next big thing to spruce up their home, saving them time and money in the process. After all, working on your home is all about getting the everything looking as good as possible without overspending or wasting a lot of time.

Homes are always a huge investment; from minor work like landscaping and house cleaning to larger tasks like installing shingles on the roof or rewiring the lights, house owners have to spend a lot of their free time taking care of their house. Unfortunately, home owners are full time workers that only have so much free time to invest in their house.

Many homeowners push off work until nights, weekends, and time off and then scramble to get renovations done or to go through the process of hiring someone else. There are advantages to both, but at the end of the day as long as the renovation is done well, you’re good to go.

The Challenges in Redoing your Baseboard

Some renovations are not long-lasting though, and that becomes a problem. Even if you invest a lot of time into repainting a room in your house or hire contractors to do the work, the benefit is that you’re not going to have to put all that time/money into doing the work again for a long while.

This isn’t true when it comes to baseboard heaters, which end up being a long renovation that doesn’t provide you much in terms of longevity. Baseboard heaters line the walls in most rooms in a home, and they consist of a heating element protected by metal baseboard.

The metal is constantly conducting the heat produced by the element, so it’s constantly rusting and attracting filth. In addition, because the baseboard is easy to miss, it gets bumped and kicked constantly, causing scratches and dents.

Since there’s so much baseboard in the house, homeowners end up having to spend the better part of a weekend taking apart all the baseboard, cleaning and repairing the parts, and putting it all back together. Homeowners get very frustrated when renovating their baseboard because they put all sorts of time and effort into redoing the baseboard, just to have to redo it again within a short period of time.

How you can Benefit from a Baseboard Cover

The better option for homeowners is a heater cover, which will install right on over your baseboard and can be easily maintained over time. Figuring out how you can benefit from a baseboard cover is ideal because you can save yourself time and money and not worry about a constant renovation.

As a homeowner, you can install covers such as NeatHeat, which are made of a composite polymer and aren’t going to rust, chip, or dent. They’ve also been designed specifically not to yellow, lose their color, or take other sorts of damage from the heating element the way the metal does.

NeatHeat covers snap right on over the existing baseboard in seconds, making your life much easier. Because they are easy to install and remove, you can maintain them over time or repaint them if you want.

Simply use household cleaning products or a spray paint for polymers to clean/repaint the covers, saving you a lot of time in your renovation. To learn more about how you can benefit from a baseboard cover from NeatHeat, click here.