Using Baseboard Utility Covers in your Home Renovations

What do baseboard utility covers from NeatHeat do to spice up the look of your home?

baseboard utility coversEvery homeowner knows that there comes a time in the year where all of the renovations have got to get done, which means spending multiple weekends fixing up the house. Whether it’s painting, retiling, organizing furniture, getting the roof redone, or installing another air conditioning system, there’s a lot of work that goes into home renovation.

However, there’s always a smart way to get the work done, especially if you have the ability to take the time to do it yourself instead of hiring someone else. However, there are some levels of work that even the professionals can’t fix for you.

For example, many a gasfitter has been asked about redoing baseboard heaters in such a way that they last more than a couple months, but there’s no good answer for this. Baseboard heaters line the walls of most rooms in a home, pumping out hot air to keep your home warm in the winter.

Because they do so much work and provide a lot of energy in a short period of time, the heaters tend to get very rusted and filthy very fast. Due to the nature of baseboard heaters, they’re not the easiest item in the house to renovate either.

How can you Solve your Baseboard Issues?

The metal tends to not be cooperative when it comes to cleaning rust and filth off, and you’ve got to take apart the entire system to get some of those hard-to-reach spots cleaned off. However, doing all of that work just for the heater to rust again within a few months is not very helpful for you.

You need an alternative, something that a gas fitter can’t give you, which is why many home owners are looking into acquiring baseboard utility covers for cosmetic appeal. With a cover, the installation is incredibly simple, saving you hours of renovation time, and the right material in the cover can be cleaning and maintaining a cinch.

However, every cover has potential to have a downside, so how can you get baseboard utility covers with essentially no downsides? The answer is NeatHeat, baseboard covers made of a composite polymer specifically design to be a permanent, easy solution in your home.

NeatHeat’s Baseboard Utility Covers

NeatHeat’s covers install in a snap, and keeping all of the pieces cleaned and maintained is just as simple. NeatHeat products include four foot and six foot pieces, a splice plate, left and right end caps, and an inside corner piece.

The pieces can be cut using a hack saw or chop saw or extended using the splice plate, and if the end caps are too high the bottoms can be scored and snapped off. This makes the installation process incredibly simple for you, and cleaning the pieces is as easy as popping the covers off and using household cleaners to take off the grime in minutes!

If you want to repaint, the process is just as easy, as baseboard covers can be painted using any spray paint for polymer found at your local hardware store. NeatHeat acts as the best possible solution for homeowners looking for baseboard utility covers by giving you a good looking baseboard heater at a low price.

The big appeal is in the longevity- NeatHeat’s covers are specially designed to never yellow or fade in color, so they are essentially a permanent renovation. To learn more about NeatHeat’s baseboard utility covers, click here.