Getting the Right Baseboard Solution for You

Is NeatHeat the baseboard solution you’ve been looking for, or should you resort to constantly reworking your baseboard?

baseboard solutionSolving problems with your home is never easy; it requires quite a bit of mechanical skill and material knowledge to find a way that doesn’t take a long time or empty your wallet. Luckily, most problems homeowners have already have a solution designed to save you money or time and last a long time.

Longevity is easily the most important part in any home renovation, because after taking the time to get all sorts of work done or spending money hiring someone to do the work for you, do you really want to have to do that again within such a short period of time?

Homeowners want the easy solution, something that may take some free time or a little extra cash, but gets the job done efficiently and without giving you a hard time later on. Of course no work lasts forever but homeowners do not want to spend a full weekend getting work done, and then have to do the same grueling working within a couple months.

Is there an Existing Baseboard Solution?

This is the challenge with baseboard heaters, because there’s no easy way to fight something like oxidation, and taking dents and scuffs out of metal is incredibly obnoxious. Since baseboard heaters are so plentiful in your home, it takes a lot of time take apart each and every strip of baseboard, cleaning or repainting each piece, and putting everything back together, but it’s the fact that they’re going to oxidize within a couple months that tends to be the nail in the coffin.

Homeowners don’t want to show off something like oxidation in their home and baseboard heaters are everywhere in a house, pumping out quite a bit of heat energy in a short period of time. Obviously homeowners want a good solution but there’s no easy counter for oxidation: unless you cover up your heaters with a cover.

The baseboard solution many people did not know of is heater covers, because that way you don’t have to deal with the heaters themselves. A cover can be much easier to work with, especially if it’s designed to counteract all of the problems homeowners have with heaters.

NeatHeat’s Covers: Solving all of your Problems

So what makes a heater cover ideal for you as a baseboard solution? It’s got to be rust free, easy to install, and easy to paint and clean, and that’s why NeatHeat’s so great: it checks off all of those boxes and more.

NeatHeat covers are made of a polymer that has been modified slightly to suit your needs.

First off, they don’t rust, dent, chip, or show scratches easily, making them a perfect baseboard solution. In addition, they don’t yellow or fade in color as most polymers do, making them a long term answer, and they can easily take the temperatures your home operates in unlike most polymers.

NeatHeat covers install over your existing covers no matter what the situation, even if you’re missing parts like the front plate. In fact, as long as you have the clips and back plate NeatHeat covers can essentially replace the entire metal system that is your baseboard heater, making them perfect as a baseboard solution.

Because they install and uninstall in a snap, you can easily remove them for cleaning or repainting, and all you need is spray paint or household cleaners respectively. NeatHeat is designed to be the ultimate baseboard solution for you; to learn more, click here.