How can you Clean up the Look of a Baseboard Radiator?

What does a cover do to improve the overall appeal of a baseboard radiator system?

baseboard radiatorMany homeowners can get a gasfitter to do just about any air conditioning work for them readily and quickly, but when it comes to renovation, most gasfitters will not have a good answer for you. Oftentimes, setting up your clunky, metal baseboard heaters so they’ll look good and making sure they stay that way for an extended period of time is just not an easy feat.

Hot water baseboard heaters produce their energy through the radiating element covered up by the metal baseboard heaters. Since the element produces so much energy on a daily basis that is conducted by the metal, the metal heaters tend to get incredibly disgusting and worn down as a result of the work.

They oxidize very easily, acquire quite a bit of dust over a short period of time, and oftentimes get scratched and dented and damaged. Because they get so disgusting easily, any work you do to renovate the heaters has no longevity to it and, within a few months, all of the work you did on the heaters will be for naught.

Why are Baseboard Renovations Frustrating?

It’s even more frustrating when what renovations you can do are long and tedious; renovating baseboard heaters tends to be incredibly time-consuming and costly. Taking apart a baseboard heater means taking apart each piece on every strip of the baseboard, taking time to clean and/or repaint every single piece, and putting everything back together.

Some homeowners have baseboard covers so damaged that they end up taking everything apart and spending quite a bit of money to replace the baseboard heater parts, but again, within months, they get rusted and such.

Dealing with your baseboard radiator has a tendency of being incredibly frustrating for many reasons, but mainly because no matter what kind of work you do, the point is moot. You need an alternative other than physically cleaning and repainting the baseboard heaters yourself, which is where the baseboard radiator cover can really become an asset.

NeatHeat Baseboard Radiator Cover

With a baseboard radiator, a cover can provide a much better look to your baseboard heater while giving you a permanent renovation. Getting a baseboard radiator cover from someone like NeatHeat can make your life much easier both fiscally and as far as the actual labor goes.

NeatHeat’s covers are made of a composite polymer, so they don’t rust, chip, dent, and are specifically designed not to yellow or fade in color as they are made with titanium dioxide.

In addition, NeatHeat’s covers have been thermally treated so they will not melt or offset gas at the temperatures a home operates under, and they act as an insulator for your heaters, not absorbing heat and providing a flow of air conditioning through convection instead of conduction.

Using NeatHeat to Benefit you and your Home

Many homeowners believe convection is the better method and provides more heat flow in their home. A baseboard radiator cover from NeatHeat can also be incredibly easy to install, as all of the pieces just pop on, and maintenance is just as simple.

NeatHeat covers can be cleaned using household cleaners, and repainting your covers can be as simple as taking the pieces off, putting a coat of spray paint on them, and popping them back on. Redoing your baseboard radiator with NeatHeat is a breeze, and maintenance is just as simple.

Putting NeatHeat in your home means savings hours of your time over the course of time as well as saving quite a bit of money in the long run. To learn more about NeatHeat’s baseboard radiator cover system, click here.