How Solving Baseboard Problems can be Easy

What are the baseboard problems you can run into, and how can you fix them easily?

baseboard problemsA new year coming up means another 365 days of opportunity to get your house in the best possible shape. Homeowners everywhere are planning new and exciting ways to spruce up their living space and get their residence looking even better.

House work can be some of the most challenging work though, because you only have so many hours of free time to get this work accomplished. You only have 52 precious weekends in the year to collect materials and spend time and money to accomplish labor on your home.

To that end, when you spend a full weekend doing a renovation and, within a few months, the work you did looks like it was for naught, you need a better option. This is what happens with baseboard heaters.

Most homeowners have hot water heaters that produce air conditioning to your home through baseboard heaters, which are metal heaters that line the floors against the wall in most rooms in a home.

Solving your Baseboard Problems

Baseboard problems come into play because not only are the heaters metal and producing a lot of energy, meaning they oxidize very quickly, but they also tend to get kicked, scratched, and banged very easily. These issues are very common, and the work you can do to redo the baseboard heaters themselves is not easy.

Taking apart the heaters takes quite a bit of time as you have to unscrew a bunch of pieces and take everything off for each individual strip of baseboard. Then you have options to replace the pieces, paint the pieces, or clean them, but either way, it’ll cost you in time or money.

Once you put it back together, you may think all of your work was worth it and your baseboard is all set, but within a few months, they’ll start oxidizing again, get dusty (especially on the element inside the heater plates), and get scratched and kicked and dented and such.

This is the frustration, and the core of baseboard problems: the renovation work takes too long, and the work you do is not worth it because the longevity of the work is minimal.

Using a Baseboard Cover in your House

When you redo your baseboard heaters, you want the work you do to last much longer, especially if you’re going to spend time and money on the project.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can physically do to the baseboard heaters to prevent them from permanently taking damage. Luckily, baseboard problems can be solved with an easier solution: the baseboard cover.

With a heater cover, you can add a fresh new look to your baseboard that can add to the look of the house and make your life much simpler. However, you need the right cover; you don’t want to spend money on a cover that looks ugly, isn’t easy to install, does not retain heat well, etc.

What can NeatHeat do for You?

Your cover needs to be perfect, and that’s what NeatHeat is for. NeatHeat baseboard covers are made of a composite polymer, so they will never rust, chip, dent, or yellow or fade in color.

They’ve been thermally treated to handle your heater temperatures, everything installs in a snap, and the best part is that they can easily be maintained over time!

While renovations on baseboard heaters can take hours and hours and not last long, all you need to do with NeatHeat is pop off the parts and spend a couple minutes using household cleaners to get them looking fresh again.

With NeatHeat, all of your baseboard problems go away and your life becomes much simpler; to learn more, click here.