Advantage of Using a Cover for a Baseboard Hydronic Heater

What does a baseboard hydronic heater need in order to renovate the heater effectively?

baseboard hydronic heaterAny work you do, you want the work to be efficient and provide as much benefit as possible. There’s quite a bit of work to do on your home on a yearly basis, and you want that work you do to be long lasting and look good.

You don’t want to spend the money on subpar paint that chips easily and doesn’t look good in your home. You want to spend a decent amount of money and get your money’s worth in home renovations, lasting you a long time and saving you time.

The three keys to a good renovation are time, money, and longevity, and getting longevity is the most important one of all. It’s nice to be able to take little time and spend a small amount of money on a project, but all of the time and money isn’t worth having to redo a project over and over again within a short period of time.

If you have to keep redoing work, that means you keep spending time and money on them, making them incredibly taxing in the long run. You want a renovation that lasts a long time, so even if you spend some money on the project, you don’t have to worry about that renovation for quite a bit.

How can you Deal with your Heaters?

This is not the case when it comes to the dilemma of dealing with your baseboard heaters, where the heaters tend to get incredibly rusty in a short period of time, making life quite difficult. If your heaters are constantly rusted, dusty, scratched, or filthy in general, it’s frustrating enough, but when renovations are tough it makes the effort in vain.

Heaters take quite a bit of time to take apart, especially since most homes have heaters lining the walls in most rooms in a home. Combine that with the fact that you have to take extra time to do all sorts of repainting, cleaning, or even pay to replace the parts, and then reassemble everything, and you spend hours upon hours doing work that won’t last you very long.

You want your baseboard hydronic heater in the best possible shape, completing the look of any given room in a home and providing you with a simple way to do your renovations. If your baseboard heaters never look good, that ultimately detracts from the overall appeal of any room in your home, and this isn’t ideal in any scenario where you want your home to look good.

 Using NeatHeat to Cover your Baseboard Hydronic Heater

Even if you’re doing renovations, you want your house completely renovated, interior and exterior, which is where NeatHeat can help you. After all, cleaning and repainting your baseboard hydronic heater can be incredibly time consuming and costly, so why not cover it up with a baseboard cover?

With a baseboard reconditioning system from NeatHeat, you can use six foot and four foot pieces, along with end caps, splice plates, and inside corners, to complete remodel the look of your baseboard. Every piece installs with a snap, with longer pieces that can easily be cut with a hack saw or chop saw and short pieces can be lengthened using a splice plate.

This means the installation of NeatHeat can be done in minutes, and the entire NeatHeat system does not rust, chip, dent, or yellow or fade in color.

The pieces are also incredibly easy to maintain as you can clean NeatHeat parts with household cleaners and repaint them with spray paint. To learn more about the benefits of NeatHeat’s baseboard hydronic heater, click here.