Choosing the Right Baseboard Heating System Renovation

How can your baseboard heating system be set up the right way?

baseboard heating systemEveryone who owns a piece of property agrees on how important it is to keep the property in the best possible shape. There are countless reasons to redo parts of your home, but most residence owners agree that their home should always look good for pragmatic as well as just cosmetic reasons.

No one wants to go home to a dilapidated living space; they want their home to have a comfortable feel to it. However, renovating your home means taking what’s left of your free time that isn’t spent with your significant other or with any responsibilities you may have.

Many homeowners spend their weekends getting home related work done, especially during winter when many parts of the home take the worst damage. A perfect example is the baseboard heating system, which produces a lot more energy during the winter and wears down that much faster.

How do Hot Water Heaters Work?

Many homes have a hot water heater which produces heat through an element lining the walls in most rooms in a home. This element is protected by baseboard heater parts, which are, unfortunately, metal.

While this is an advantage in the sense that they conduct and transmit the heat well, metal covers are a nightmare when you’re trying to accomplish renovations. Ignoring the fact that they get kicked, dented, dusty, and damaged in many physical ways, they also get incredibly rusty very fast due to the fact that they produce so much energy in a short period of time.

Since they oxidize so fast, cleaning them becomes a futile effort, as within a short period of time they just end up getting all rusted and disgusting again. This may not be such an obnoxious problem if renovating baseboard heaters wasn’t such a challenge no matter what you do.

Taking apart each strip of a baseboard heater takes time, and then you have to clean, paint, or replace each part, and then you put everything back together. Add it all up, and you spend your full weekend renovating your baseboard, and you may even have to pay to replace the parts or get paint to redo them.

Using NeatHeat for your Baseboard Heating System

Spending a lot of time and money for a very short-lasting renovation is not the ideal way to redo anything in your house, especially your baseboard heating system. The easiest solution is simply to get a better cover that has more cosmetic appeal and is easier to maintain, getting your baseboard heating system looking much better.

With NeatHeat, you get the best looking covers at the lowest possible rate. NeatHeat’s covers are made up of a composite polymer, meaning they will not rust, chip, dent, or show scratches due to their continuous white color.

They have also been modified to never yellow or fade in color, making them a permanent option for homeowners looking for a long-lasting renovation. They are not affected in any way by the heaters themselves as the covers operate at temperatures much higher than a home’s maximum heater temperature, and they provide heat flow via convection instead of conduction.

Many homeowners claim that convection allows more air flow throughout their home for convenience, but either way, the same amount of heat will flow whether you use conduction or convection. NeatHeat’s covers do not decrease the amount of heat, are easy to install, are easy to clean, and look good, meaning they can be your long-lasting baseboard heater cover.

To learn more about how NeatHeat can make a baseboard heating system look perfect, click here.