Advantages to Having a Baseboard Heating Cover

Why is having a baseboard heating cover the smartest way for a homeowner to accomplish a renovation?

baseboard heating coverDuring winter, homeowners scramble to make sure everything in their home is functioning as effectively as possible. For instance, homeowners that live in colder areas will need to affirm that their home is as weather-proofed as possible and provides heat efficiently.

Many homeowners with hot water baseboard heaters become concerned because their heaters get so clogged up and disgusting that they may not operate as effectively as the homeowner would like.

Besides, it’s a cosmetic nightmare to deal with baseboard heaters covered in rust, dust, dents, scratches, and other filth. Many a homeowner has taken the time to take apart every strip of baseboard to fully renovate the system.

They painstakingly clean off all the dust and rust and buff out all the scratches and dents to their best of their ability and put everything back together again. All said and done, they’ve spent the weekend fully renovating their baseboard just to find that they easily get damaged and will compile rust within a short period of time.

The Problems with Baseboard

The problem is that the heaters are metal with a heating element producing heat that is conducted by the metal, producing fast oxidation. In addition, since baseboard heaters line the floors along the wall in most rooms in a home, it’s easy for them to get bumped into and damaged in quite a few ways.

Homeowners get frustrated with baseboard heat renovation because there’s no quick, easy solution to pull off that involves physically altering the baseboard. The best option is to use a cover, because the cover can be designed to be easier to renovate.

Having a baseboard heating cover means that installation and maintenance is easy, because you just have to snap them off versus taking apart every single piece of baseboard per strip of baseboard. With NeatHeat’s covers, having a baseboard heating cover has never been easier because their covers have been designed to be very easy to use.

Benefits to having a Baseboard Heating Cover

The covers are made of polymer so they cannot acquire rust, get dented, or show scratches easily because of their continuous color.

In addition, NeatHeat’s covers have been designed specifically with titanium dioxide to not yellow or fade in color over time, and they have been designed to thermally withstand the heat energy your heating element produces. NeatHeat’s covers pop right on over the existing heaters in a snap, making it a lot easier to go through the installation process as well as maintain your covers over time.

To repaint, all you’ve got to do is snap the covers off and use a spray paint for polymers, found easily at your average hardware store. If you want to clean them, household products that are used for cleaning will easily do the trick to get them in good shape.

Using NeatHeat’s baseboard covers makes your life a lot easier as you don’t constantly have to spend time renovating your baseboard. To learn more about the benefits of having a baseboard heating cover from a company like NeatHeat, click here.