The Shocking Truth about Baseboard Heaters versus Baseboard Covers

When it comes to baseboard heaters versus baseboard covers, which is better for your home? The answer may surprise you.

baseboard heaters versus baseboard coversWhen it comes to your home renovations, you absolutely want to get the best deal possible for your home in the long run. You don’t want to spend time and money redoing one part of your home or another just to get a subpar result.

The advantage to home renovation is that there are always options and alternatives when you’re dealing with issues. Many renovations are tougher to solve than others and have only a handful of options for you.

For example, baseboard heaters work incredibly hard on a daily basis to pump conditioned air throughout your home, and generally they take a beating over time. Not only do they oxidize, heat up, and get scratched and dented, but they accumulate both rust and grime within a few months no matter what you do.

How Baseboard Heater Renovations Work

Essentially, you can spend time and money redoing your baseboard, but it’s going to look atrocious before the year is up. Some prefer to just do all of the work and get their baseboard looking decent over and over again, and others will just replace them consistently.

Others prefer to get a baseboard cover so they don’t have to constantly deal with looking at disgusting baseboard and, instead, just cover up the mess. The question is, when digging into the details of baseboard heaters versus baseboard covers, which is easier to manage and provides you with the most satisfaction?

Many believe that, cosmetically, it is baseboard covers as long as you have the right cover. A common argument is that baseboard heaters look incredibly outdated; there are some that prefer the look though considering some covers do not look much better.

Baseboard Heaters versus Baseboard Covers

Another advantage to covers is that they are easier to maintain overall, but many home owners do not like the fact that they have to cover up their rusted baseboard just to get the heaters looking good. There are covers that are specially designed by a company called NeatHeat that can solve every issue homeowners have with most baseboard covers.

NeatHeat’s covers are made up of a composite polymer, so they’re not going to rust, chip, dent, or fade in color, and they are designed to replace your front plate. That way, instead of covering up the baseboard, you can pop off the front plate (the piece that tends to accumulate the most filth) and NeatHeat covers will act as a replacement if you prefer.

They are also incredibly cost efficient: it’s a little cheaper to buy NeatHeat versus replacing your baseboard heaters, and they last a very long time with almost no maintenance. The installation takes seconds, and you may need a hack saw or chop saw for long pieces but other than that, tools are not needed as all the pieces just pop right on.

Using NeatHeat’s Covers

Any pieces that do happen to get dirty can be popped right off and cleaned using any standard household cleaner, and if you want to repaint, all you need is a spray paint used for polymers which can be found at your average hardware store. NeatHeat covers also have a very different look compared to baseboard, as they provide a much sleeker and newer look compared to baseboard heaters.

The bottom line is that you may have your doubts when it comes to using covers for your baseboard, but when it comes to baseboard heaters versus baseboard covers, NeatHeat is the clear winner.

NeatHeat covers are designed to be permanent, look good, and save you time, money, and aggravation. To learn more about baseboard heaters versus baseboard covers, click here.