Differences in the Baseboard Heater versus Heater Cover

When comparing a baseboard heater versus heater cover, which is the better option for the homeowner?

baseboard heater versus heater coverIt’s important as a homeowner to make the right calls as far as getting your home worked on; else you’ll end up paying for it both financially and with your time. Homeowners spend a lot of time making sure their home is in good shape; and if they can’t spend time on it they’ll have to pay a contractor quite a bit of money.

Either way, this means the homeowner needs to make good decisions to make their lives easier in the long run, but some decisions are tougher to make than others. A primary example is what to do with the dilemma of hot air conditioning in the home.

The vast majority of homes run off of hot water baseboard heating, which produces energy through a heating element that is protected by baseboard heaters. These metal heaters also conduct and give off heat to provide heat to the home efficiently.

What Should you do to Fix your Baseboard?

However, when you’ve got metal heaters absorbing and releasing heat energy on a constant basis, it’s a guarantee that the heaters are going to rust incredibly quickly.

In addition, since baseboard heaters line the floors along the walls in most rooms in a home, they tend to get covered up and ignored, meaning they easily take damage in other way including getting bumped into, kicked, spilled onto, and dusty, and most homeowners miss out on it.

To clean the heaters, one must take apart each strip of baseboard, clean every piece off, and put it all back together, and sometimes this includes buffing out scratches and getting rid of dents and rust, which is not easy.

Depending on the size of the home and amount of baseboard, a homeowner can take a full weekend doing the work, only to have to deal with the same problem again within a few months. The alternative homeowners look at is the baseboard heater versus heater cover, because a cover that goes over the baseboard heater can be a lot more convenient to work with.

Baseboard Heater versus Heater Cover

However, when it comes to the comparison of the baseboard heater versus heater cover, who offers the best heater covers? Many owners of heater covers agree NeatHeat is the best option out there: NeatHeat covers are made of a composite polymer for convenience of use with maintenance.

They don’t rust, dent, chip, or show scratches easily, and if you want to clean or repaint them, all you need is household cleaners and spray paint for polymers, respectively. There are a lot of conveniences to the NeatHeat cover, but one of the best is the fact that NeatHeat can replace 90% of the metal baseboard heater strips.

As long as you have the back plates and the clips, NeatHeat covers snap right on, meaning the heat is mainly produced through the heater covers through convection. Many homeowners agree convection is the more efficient way to produce heat through the home, and since the covers are thermally conditioned they’re not going to take any damage over time including yellowing or fading.

Homeowners agree that in the case of the baseboard heater versus heater cover, NeatHeat is the easiest, most efficient solution to use. To learn more about how NeatHeat trumps the baseboard heater versus heater cover case, click here.