Why you need Baseboard Heater Covers

How can baseboard heater covers make renovation work much simpler for a long time?

baseboard heater coversHomes always need better ways to accomplish their renovations, mainly because the longer the renovation lasts, the better. After all, no one wants to take up their precious free time doing work that needs to be redone after a short period of time.

However, this is a common issue with homes, which is why homeowners always make sure they get work done as efficiently as possible. A good job done painting a room could mean that that work doesn’t need to be redone for years and years.

Unfortunately, there are some jobs that will be a challenge no matter what, and that’s where baseboard heaters come into play. The vast majorities of homes use hot water heat and provide that heat energy through baseboard heaters, an element protected by metal parts.

What are Baseboard Heaters, and How can you get them Looking Good?

These baseboard heaters line the walls along the floors in most rooms in a home, making them easy to miss but still an important part of the home. Because of their proximity to items in your house such as furniture, they tend to get bumped into, dented, and scratched very easily, but that’s not the worst of the damage.

Baseboard heaters are made of metal, and because the heating elements produce so much energy so fast, they oxidize incredibly quickly. In fact, most heaters get rusted within a few months, making renovation extremely difficult.

What makes it more challenging is the fact that the renovation work is time-consuming and frustrating: not only is it a pain to take apart the system and put it together, but cleaning rust and taking out dents and scratches is not easy, especially the longer you let it sit.

Using Baseboard Heater Covers to Solve your Problems

Many homeowners end up spending the vast majority of a weekend getting all of their heaters done, and within a few months they’re guaranteed to rust again. This is why the lesser known solution of baseboard heater covers exists; instead of spending all that time trying to fix a problem that will keep coming back, just put on a cover that’s a lot easier to manage.

Baseboard heater covers can be designed out of material that is more durable and doesn’t rust, and can be much easier to install and uninstall, making cleaning and repainting a breeze. This is where NeatHeat’s baseboard covers come into play.

NeatHeat covers are made of composite polymer, meaning they’re not going to rust, dent, chip, or show scratches easily due to their continuous color. In addition, they’ve been designed with titanium dioxide, so they’re not going to yellow or fade in color over time.

How is NeatHeat so Easy to Use?

NeatHeat covers will install and uninstall in a snap over your existing baseboard, even if you’re missing parts of the baseboard. In fact, NeatHeat covers can even replace the front plate on your baseboard heaters if the plate is too damaged and cannot stay on.

If you want to repaint or clean your covers, all you’ve got to do is pop them off and either spray paint them or use household cleaners to get the job done.

NeatHeat baseboard heater covers are designed to reduce the time you spend on redoing heaters drastically and save you time and money in the long run. To learn more about baseboard heater covers, click here.