If your Baseboard Heater is in Need of Repair, What can you Do?

How can baseboard covers solve the issue of dealing with the look of your baseboard heater?

baseboard heaterIt’s no secret that making your home look good can always be pretty challenging, especially when so much of it decays over time. Paint fades, rugs get stained, walls and floors chip dent, and curtains and couches get ripped and worn.

However, these kinds of renovations tend to pale for one of the most frustrating renovations for homeowners to deal with: the baseboard heater. They’re everywhere in your home, and they are always rusty, faded, scratched, or looking as dilapidated as possible within a year of getting them.

Plus, they’re not safe at all, especially around children, due to sharp edges and their hot, metal surface. The frustration isn’t even in owning the baseboard, but trying to renovate them.

Redoing baseboard is such a headache: it takes quite a bit of time, costs a lot, and doesn’t last very long before needing redoing. For each section of wall with baseboard, you need to dismantle all of the different parts from the wall to get the visible parts, and then either work to cleaning all of the rust and filth of every part or set about repainting all of them.

It’s not like painting your walls where you just need to pay for can and spend some time: it’s a lot of work to physically dismantle the entire baseboard and do all of the work to clean it off and put it back together again. You could replace all of the baseboard parts, but that will cost quite a bit of money when it all adds up.

The Benefits of a Baseboard Heater Cover

Redoing your baseboard heater always ends up costing a bit of money or just taking a lot of time, which is why an alternative like a baseboard cover can be so effective. With a cover, your baseboard heater can look good without having to worry about constantly spending time and effort with renovations.

You can just snap on the cover and your baseboard heater can add to the look of any room rather than detract from it. There are many different concerns with baseboard covers, but the fact of the matter is that there are no real downsides with the right cover.

They cost much less, act as a permanent renovation, and save you time and effort. A cover will not affect the way heat flows through the home either, because heat is a form of energy that can only be absorbed or transmitted and not destroyed.

That means the heat could be absorbed by the cover, but it will still be produced by convection, conduction, or radiation.

What can a NeatHeat Cover do to Benefit your Home?

With a NeatHeat baseboard heater cover, all of your problems can be solved, because you get a cost effective way to make your baseboard add to the look of your home.

NeatHeat covers are made of a composite polymer consisting of titanium dioxide, so they will not rust, chip, dent, fade in color, or show scratches easily. NeatHeat covers can be easily painted, easily installed, and can act as a front plate for your baseboard if the plate is damaged or missing.

All you need is the back plate and the clips, and all of the NeatHeat parts can install in a snap!

With a NeatHeat baseboard heater cover system, you can save money while getting a quick, easy way to make any room in your home look good. For more on the benefits of NeatHeat to your baseboard heater system, click here.