Three Reasons you need a Baseboard Heat Cover

How does a baseboard heat cover make your life much simpler when you are trying to renovate your house?

baseboard heat coverEvery homeowner needs to spend time cleaning their house. The vast majority of a homeowner’s weekend is spent doing any necessary work to put the house in good shape, and sometimes this makes for an eventful weekend.

Many a homeowner has spent a full weekend taking on tasks like redoing the porch, painting a room, and fixing anything else they have the ability to fix. Of course, if a homeowner cannot do the work themselves, they can always hire someone else to take care of a task.

Either way, home renovation costs time or money, and homeowners will always find the best of these two options to get the most out of their renovation. The most important factor in any renovation is how long it lasts, because there’s no point wasting a lot of time or money on a renovation that lasts such a short period of time.

Solving Problems Using a Baseboard Heat Cover

This becomes an issue with something like a baseboard heater, which, unlike many other parts of the home, requires a lot of effort to work on but is still a very brief renovation. Baseboard heaters line the walls by the floors in most rooms in a home, meaning you have quite a few strips of baseboard heater to deal with, and they are metal, which means they oxidize.

Since baseboard heaters produce so much energy in a short period of time, they oxidize within a few months of cleaning them, so every time you clean them you end up needing to clean them again. In addition, it takes quite a bit of time to renovate each individual strip of baseboard since you have to take them apart, piece by piece, removing the front plates and unscrewing all of the back plates and clips from the wall.

Homeowners get frustrated spending a weekend taking apart every strip of baseboard in the home, cleaning all of the parts (which can be tough depending on how much damage there is), and then putting them all back together again. However, there is a way homeowners can fix their problems by using a baseboard heat cover.

The Benefits of NeatHeat’s Baseboard Covers

A cover can replace or cover over the metal parts of a baseboard heater and be a much better looking, easier to use renovation for your home. A baseboard heat cover from a company like NeatHeat is incredibly beneficial because they are easy to install and easy to maintain over time.

NeatHeat covers are made of a composite polymer, meaning they don’t rust, chip, or dent, and don’t show scratches easily due to their continuous color. They’ve been altered to handle the home’s temperature ranges, and have been designed specifically to not yellow or fade in color over time.

This means you have to do almost no work for these covers beyond installing them beyond some minor maintenance, and even that’s occasional. The covers do not provide heat through conduction but through convection, meaning they are an insulator of heat and do not take any damage from the heat.

A baseboard heat cover from NeatHeat can be popped off the existing baseboard and easily cleaned with household cleaner or repainted using spray paint and popped right back on.

All in all, any maintenance you may need to do for the covers will take you minutes. To learn more about NeatHeat’s baseboard heat cover and what it can do for you, click here.