How can Renovating Baseboard Heat be a Breeze?

When it comes to your baseboard heat system, a cover may do much more for your home than you’d think.

baseboard heatWhen fall ends and the spring begins, homeowners everywhere begin their spring cleaning routine, accomplishing various renovations outside and inside the house. The beginning of the spring means the beginning of warmer weather, which brings in the more complex, long term home projects.

For example, homeowners will take the time in the spring to redo larger parts of their home like full-on paint projects or redoing something like the kitchen counter tops, tiling in the bathroom, and more.

However, an issue homeowners have been dealing with since the winter is their baseboard heaters, because no matter what they produce quite a bit of heat energy over time, which leads to easy oxidation.

Many a homeowner has taken the hours of time necessary to take apart every strip of baseboard in the home, clean or repaint each individual piece, and put everything back together, only to deal with them again within a few months.

It’s not a slight deterioration either unfortunately; every homeowner with baseboard heaters can attest to the fact that the heaters will get dusted, rusted, dented, kicked, and damaged in a plethora of ways in a very short period of time.

The Easiest Solution to your Baseboard Heat Dilemma

Baseboard heat is very tough to work with for numerous reasons, but the longevity of the renovations is the big issue and is usually a deal breaker for homeowners. They don’t want to deal with constantly fixing their heaters only to have them look atrocious within a season of the initial renovation.

However, there are other ways to deal with baseboard heat, and the main option that has become increasingly common over the last couple years is putting a cover on the heater. After all, baseboard heat covers can be designed in such a way to save you both time and money and can help make your baseboard heaters look good 24/7 for quite a long time.

The question is which covers do homeowners purchase? The solution is NeatHeat, a company that creates baseboard heaters in such a way that they are incredibly easy to install and don’t cost a lot to deal with.

Why NeatHeat is your Best Option

NeatHeat’s baseboard heat covers are created out of a composite polymer, which means they never rust, chip, or dent. In addition, they have been treated with titanium dioxide to never yellow or fade in color, and they have been thermally conditioned to never melt or offset gas well below the temperatures of the home.

NeatHeat’s pieces all install in a snap and are easily removable, which makes maintenance of the covers over time incredibly easy; all you have to do is pop the pieces off, paint or clean them, and pop them back on. NeatHeat’s covers can be repainted using spray paints found in your average hardware store, and the pieces can be cleaned using standard household cleaners.

NeatHeat looks much better on your baseboard as they bring a fresh new look to your home, and they almost never look bad due to their continuous white color. NeatHeat’s pieces can cover over the baseboard but even replace the front plate; all you need to install NeatHeat is the back plate and the clips that are on the bottom.

With NeatHeat, the best baseboard heat covers are in your hands at a low cost. To learn more about the advantages of NeatHeat and how they can effectively solve your baseboard heat problem, click here.