How Home Owners can get the Best Baseboard Cover from NeatHeat

What does a good baseboard cover do for the look of your home interior?

baseboard coverAn ultimate goal of any homeowner is to make sure that every part of their house looks as good as possible while providing a comfortable atmosphere to both residents and visitors.

You want your house looking good at any time; whether you’re having company or planning on selling or just want to renovate your home to get an updated look. Renovations are a lot of work and take quite a bit of time, whether you’re painting or redoing the roof or replacing the interiors of rooms.

However, there are ways to get better renovations for a home, mainly through getting a more permanent redoing of something. After all, nothing is more costly and time-consuming than having to do the same renovation over and over again every few years.

A common example in the vast majority of homes is baseboard, which is the final step to air conditioning in a home. Generally, baseboard can be found lining the bottom corner of walls in most rooms of a house, and is especially visible in bathrooms and such.

How can you Make your Baseboard Look Good?

Baseboard is something that most home owners don’t really get to choose; you’re stuck with whatever look the baseboard provides. You can repaint, but that renovation will take more work than painting your home’s walls.

Because baseboard consists of multiple different smaller parts that are hard to get to, you’ll have to manually detach all of the different parts to be able to remove and paint each piece. Add up the time it takes to do that for each wall with baseboard in your home, and it can take you quite a long time and cost a lot of money.

An alternative is replacing them, but again, you go through the same process if you do it yourself, and all of that baseboard will end up costing a lot of money. Baseboard goes through a lot of wear and tear and it doesn’t take long before a home’s baseboard falls into bad shape and doesn’t look good in a home.

Especially in bathrooms, baseboard deteriorates through rust, denting, chips, scratches, and more, and the renovations are both time-consuming and costly. Plus, renovating your baseboard is not very permanent; within a few years you’ll have to do the same renovations again.

NeatHeat Baseboard Cover as a Solution

An alternative many home owners have been looking forward to is the baseboard cover, because that way you can choose how your baseboard looks and get a permanent way to have baseboard looking good.

There are a couple issues homeowners have when it comes to getting a baseboard cover: how easy will the installation be? How long will that cover last before replacement?

Is covering up your baseboard really a good idea, especially when it comes to hot air flowing throughout your room? All of these questions are answered through the NeatHeat baseboard cover, an effective solution to the baseboard issue in homes.

With NeatHeat, you get covers made of a composite polymer that acts as an insulator, providing heat throughout the home via convection instead of conduction. The cover cannot absorb heat and will not melt under any living circumstances, and the cover is designed to be a permanent solution.

Titanium dioxide located throughout the cover means the NeatHeat baseboard cover will not rust, chip, dent, or show scratches due to its continuous, white color. NeatHeat covers are easy to use: all you have to do is snap on the parts, and you’re done with all of the work.

Any longer pieces can be cut using something as simple as a hack saw, and NeatHeat parts can be painted using an spray paint for polymers.

With NeatHeat, you get a cost-effective, easy way to make your baseboard look good, and the renovation is very permanent. To learn more about the NeatHeat baseboard cover, click here.