Why Should you be using a Baseboard Cover Renovation?

How does a baseboard cover renovation make it easy to do home reworks such as cleaning your baseboard?

baseboard cover renovationHaving a home is a huge responsibility, as it’s considered the most valuable piece of property you can own so you’ve got to take a lot of time to keep it in the best possible shape. Your time is valuable as a homeowner, especially considering you as a homeowner have a wide variety of activities to deal with.

Between a full time job, responsibilities at home with family, and trying to enjoy some precious free time, homeowners can’t just handle every renovation that comes along, especially when the time-consuming reworks come along. Plus, a lot of renovations require a certain amount of skill to complete, and since many house renovations involve a wide variety of trades, odds are good the homeowner doesn’t know how to do all the work.

Home renovations always can go one of two ways: you do the rework yourself, or you hire someone else to do the rework. This means that you’re either spending time or money to complete a renovation, both of which are very valuable, so trading off between the two and being smart in renovations is very important.

How can Renovations in your Home be Challenging?

It’s tough to renovate your home because you’re constantly trying to make a smart decision in renovation, but the endgame is always getting the longest lasting renovation possible. As long as the rework is done right, it can last years, meaning even if you spend a bit of time and money, it’s worth it in the long run.

That’s not always the case though, especially with something like a hot water baseboard. Many homes have a hot water baseboard which provides energy through a heating element that lines the walls in most rooms in a home.

The problem is that the heating element is protected by metal parts that are constantly conducting the energy, meaning they’re always going to be on the verge of oxidizing. In addition, because they line the walls along the floors, they’re easy to miss and tend to get kicked and bumped into very easily.

It’s tough to fix the baseboard because you have to take apart each and every strip of baseboard, clean off the rust, remove the scratches/dents, and put it all back together again. A home renovation can take the better part of a weekend and be considered not worth it because it doesn’t last long before needing to be redone.

The Advantages of a Baseboard Cover Renovation from NeatHeat

With a baseboard cover renovation, you can make your life much easier versus spending a lot of time on the baseboard, as the covers snap right on over the existing baseboard even if parts are damaged or missing. In fact, as long as you’ve got the back plate and the clips located underneath the heating element, NeatHeat covers snap right on.

Using NeatHeat is beneficial because the covers are made of a composite polymer, so they will not rust, chip, or dent, and they don’t yellow or fade in color over time due to the use of titanium dioxide. NeatHeat covers are easy to clean and repaint as you can use household products and get the job done in minutes.

It’s easy to get a baseboard cover renovation done with NeatHeat as the covers are simple to install and are low maintenance over time. To learn more about NeatHeat’s baseboard cover renovation, click here.