A Variety of Baseboard Benefits for the Homeowner

Many homeowners don’t believe in baseboard benefits, but how can a cover change everything for you?

baseboard benefitsWith winter coming close to finishing and the spring coming into play, homeowners everywhere are getting ready for spring cleaning, which means getting the home interior in almost perfect shape.

One of the most common jobs homeowners do is paint work, and from painting rooms to painting baseboard, homeowners take their free time to do it all. Many homeowners do not think that baseboard benefits exist because, when they try to paint their baseboard, they find the job incredibly frustrating.

To start off, painting baseboard isn’t like painting a room: you’ve got to take apart the baseboard first to get all of the parts painted, and doing that for each strip of baseboard is a lot more time-consuming than you’d think.

Once each individual piece is cleaned off, primed, and painted, and they can all be put together again, but at least the work is done, right? Homeowners almost always learn the hard way that this isn’t true, because by the time summer rolls around, the paint on the heaters is chipped, cracked, and rusted, and repainting must be done.

Getting your Baseboard in Good Shape Again

Within a few months of painting your heater, you’ve got to paint it again, and this is incredibly annoying to deal with every few months, year after a year, especially considering how limited your free time is.

However, there are baseboard benefits as long as you don’t renovate your baseboard physically: the better option is just putting a cover on. Homeowners can get their baseboard looking good permanently by spending money on some good looking covers and taking thirty seconds to pop the covers on.

These covers are incredibly easy to clean and maintain over time and they look much nicer than your outdated baseboard heaters. Baseboard benefits will come into play with NeatHeat’s baseboard covers, the ultimate solution for homeowners working on renovations.

NeatHeat’s Baseboard Benefits

NeatHeat’s covers are made up of a composite polymer, which means they will never rust, get dented, get chipped, or show scratches easily due to their continuous, bright color. In addition they’ve been designed so, over time, they aren’t going to yellow or fade in color, making them ideal as a long term renovation.

NeatHeat’s covers are thermally conditioned to not melt or offset gas below 200 degrees, which is easily much hotter than your baseboard heaters should ever be. NeatHeat provides homeowners with all of the baseboard benefits at a very low cost since they look good, are easy to install, and make renovations much easier in general.

If you want to clean your heater covers, just pop them off and grab your household cleaners: a few minutes later, you can pop the covers back on, nice and clean, and the work is done. The process is the same for painting, except all you need is a spray paint for polymers, which is found at your average hardware store.

Installing NeatHeat in your Home

NeatHeat covers can be installed easily, the six foot pieces and four foot pieces can be cut using a hack saw or chop saw and extended using a splice plate, and end caps and inside corners will complete the entire package.

NeatHeat’s covers are ideal for convection, meaning they do not absorb heat and provide heat in an alternative way versus your baseboard heaters themselves.

Many homeowners believe that convection is the better solution as the heaters themselves do not absorb any surplus heat. With NeatHeat, you get all the baseboard benefits at the easiest, lowest cost; to learn more about how NeatHeat benefits you, click here.