What can Solve the Issues of a Base Board?

What do base board covers do to fix the problems in baseboard renovation?

base boardAir conditioning is incredibly useful for homeowners, especially when they’ve got to deal with the scorching heat of summer or the brutal chill of the winter. However, a system that produces energy to heat up or cool down an entire house is incredibly difficult, and that system needs to be maintained accordingly.

Something like base board heaters are very tough to deal with since they produce so much heat energy so fast, and the metal heater covers tends to absorb that energy. This causes oxidation fast, which is a huge problem for many homeowners trying to get renovations done.

With tasks like cleaning, gardening, and countless other forms of home maintenance, it’s tough to get something like baseboard renovation accomplished. Plus, homeowners already have their own standard responsibilities to deal with, making any and all renovations difficult.

How to Solve Base board Renovations

Base board does not make it easy on you because you have to take apart each and every strip of base board in the home, clean or repaint every single part (which can be tough with dents and scratches), and put them all back together, only to deal with these same exact problems in a short period of time.

Base board oxidizes fasts, gets kicked, bumped into, and damaged in a variety of ways, causing no end of problems for the homeowner. However, there are other ways to fix base board problems you might have: simply putting a base board cover over the existing heater can do the trick.

Therefore, you need the right type of cover, something that looks good, is inexpensive, and is easy to use and maintain over time. This is why NeatHeat base board covers are the solution: they are designed to be as simple as possible for you to use without breaking the bank, and they give your heaters a sleek, newer look.

What is NeatHeat, and What does it do for You?

NeatHeat’s covers are made of polymer, meaning they don’t ever rust, and they won’t dent or scratch like your current base board either. They’ve been designed to be permanent, not yellowing out or fading in color as time goes on, and they do not take any thermal damage whatsoever.

You get four foot and six foot pieces of baseboard that will either snap on over your covers or just need the hooks at the bottom to install, and these pieces can be cut or lengthened as needed. A splice plate will extend any of the shorter pieces while longer pieces can be snipped off with something like a hack saw or chop saw.

There are inside corner pieces and end caps to lock everything in place and complete the set, and the end caps can be adjusted depending on the situation of the home.

For instance, if your floor was installed after the base board, the end caps can be scored and snapped to be shorter. NeatHeat’s base board covers were fabricated to make your life easy, save you money, and provide an easier, better look to your home; for more, click here.