How you can make Base Board Reworks Quick and Simple

No homeowner likes dealing with base board reworks, so how can NeatHeat’s heater covers make the work easy?

base board reworksOne of the big goals people set for themselves is to get the ability to own their very own house instead of renting or leasing. There are a lot of advantages to owning your property as it means you have more freedom to do what you need to do, but you also have a huge responsibility in taking care of your house.

A lot of both cosmetic and practical reworks need to be done in your house, from plumbing and electrical to repainting and installing new flooring. Whatever the task is, it’s important to invest your time wisely as you only have so many hours in the day to accomplish what you need to do.

At the end of the day, the best benefit to doing a renovation is that you get to move on and don’t have to deal with the work again for quite a long time. As long as it’s done right, homeowners don’t have to repaint again for years or install new carpeting or hardwood floors.

Why are Base Board Reworks Frustrating?

No homeowner wants to deal with their base board however, because unlike most renovations, base board has absolutely no longevity to it. If you decide you’ve got to dig into base board reworks, you end up spending a lot of time and don’t get much back in terms of a long lasting renovation.

Base board heaters are used to protect the heating element, which produces energy to heat the home on a constant basis. When you live someplace colder up north, you’re almost constantly running your heat, so the metal is absorbing all sorts of energy at a constant basis.

This means your metal base board is rusting all of the time, so after spending all sorts of time trying to redo the base board, it’s just going to rust again within a short period of time. No homeowner wants to renovate their base board over and over, so how can you make base board reworks easier?

NeatHeat: Reconditioning your Base Board in Seconds

The solution to getting base board reworks done is a heating cover, which snaps right on over your base board, even if parts are damaged or missing. With NeatHeat, the cover can effectively replace your metal base board as all they need is the back plate behind the heating element and the clips below the element to snap on.

NeatHeat covers are designed to easily snap on over your existing base board and act as a permanent solution. They are made of a composite polymer so they don’t rust, chip, dent, or show scratches easily due to their continuous white color.

In addition, the covers have been designed with a titanium dioxide to not yellow or fade in color over time, and they have been thermally conditioned to not take damage from the heating element.

There are four and six foot pieces that snap right on the base board that can be cut with a hack saw or chop saw and extended using a splice plate. The corner pieces and end caps hold everything firmly on the base board, but the parts can all snap right over very easily.

Base board reworks get easy with NeatHeat’s covers; to learn more about using NeatHeat, click here.