The Base Board Cover Details of NeatHeat Reconditioning

When examining the base board cover details, does NeatHeat make your life easier compared to simply renovating the base board?

base board cover detailsA lot of home renovations are complicated and time consuming, but one of the more frustrating ones to deal with is base board heating. Base board heaters line the wall along the floors in most rooms in a home, and the metal base board easily attracts damage such as rust.

The problem is there’s no good way to get rid of rust other than keep removing it, so if your base board is constantly absorbing heat, it will constantly be getting rusty. Base board heaters also are prone to damage like dents, scratches, dust, and other sorts of filth, so it can end up taking the better part of the weekend renovating your base board.

Most homeowners and gas fitters don’t have a really good solution for base board renovation, so most people end up either constantly reworking them or simply letting them get disgusting, both of which are bad options for homeowners.

After all, you want your home looking good at all times for both cosmetic and financial reasons, but you don’t have all day to deal with renovations like your base board. With a full time job and other responsibilities, you can’t waste time dealing with base board issues.

So how do you solve the problems with your base board heaters?

Examining the Base Board Cover Details

The easiest solution is to stop worrying about renovating your base board itself and to instead focus on the cosmetics with a heater cover. You can snap a base board cover right on over instead, and if the cover is designed right it’s much easier to work with versus your rusty metal base board.

If covers are easy to install and remove, you can clean and repaint them as you want as well, and you can save yourself a lot of time. But when looking at base board cover details, which is the best solution for you?

The superb choice is NeatHeat because it is designed specifically to recondition your base board in a low maintenance way. The covers will not rust, chip, dent, or show scratches easily due to their material composition, making them the exact opposite of your metal base board.

NeatHeat covers do this using composite polymer material, but they’ve also been designed to have no downsides from that angle too. They won’t melt, offset gas, yellow, or fade in color over time, meaning they are fairly low maintenance.

How do you Use NeatHeat in your Home?

NeatHeat covers snap right on over the existing base board, even if parts are damaged or missing. In fact, all you need is the back plate with the element and the clips located under the heating element and NeatHeat can be installed, effectively replacing your metal base board!

NeatHeat covers consist of six foot and four foot sections, which can be cut using a hack saw or chop saw and extended using a splice plate. End caps slide on to hold things firmly in place, which can be adjusted as well depending on how high your floor is relative to the base board.

There are also inside and outside corner pieces if you want to get a longer line of base board taken care of.

To clean NeatHeat, all you have to do is pop off the pieces in seconds and use household cleaning products to remove dirt and grime in seconds! When examining base board cover details, it’s easy to see that NeatHeat is the superior choice.

To learn more about NeatHeat’s base board cover details, click here.