What does an Air Conditioning System Cover do for You?

Is covering your baseboard beneficial in more ways than just cosmetically? Learning more about NeatHeat’s air conditioning system cover.

air conditioning system coverWith houses, both interior and exterior only look as good as the amount of work you put into them. You spend quite a bit of time and money getting your home looking good, and you want your work reflected cosmetically in your home.

As important as the cosmetics are though, you also want your home to function as effectively as possible over time. You want your home to be comfortable and running as well as possible, especially the air conditioning.

If you don’t take the time to make sure your home is kept at the right temperatures at the right time, winters and summers can both end up being very tough. Many times homeowners leave their baseboard heaters unattended for too long, only for the heating element to reduce in its efficiency and the home to be much colder than you intend.

How do Baseboard Heaters Work?

An air conditioning system needs to work as well as possible over time, especially considering how fast temperature shifts occur in areas such as New England. Homeowners have trouble keeping their baseboard heaters renovated over time, both for cosmetic purposes and practical reasons.

Baseboard heaters are made up of metal, meaning they oxidize very quickly no matter what you do to get them cleaned. Plus, it takes quite a bit of time to take apart each strip of baseboard and get the heating elements and all of the different parts cleaned off.

The kicker is that after spending all that time to take everything apart, clean, and put the heaters together, the heaters will get rusted and the elements will be left unprotected and get dusty within months. The solution homeowners don’t think of is the air conditioning system cover, which can make your life incredibly easy in the long run.

NeatHeat’s Air Conditioning System Cover

Instead of taking the time to clean or repaint a baseboard heater every couple months, you pay to pop a cover on and have to do little to no maintenance over time. A baseboard cover can be much easier to clean and repaint than a heater, and it does a better job keeping the heater looking good and preventing dust and oxidation.

An air conditioning system cover from NeatHeat can do just that, making the life of homeowners incredibly easy because the covers are made up of a special kind of plastic. The advantage of plastic is that it will never rust, chip, or dent, and because the covers are white they do not show scratches easily due to the continuity of the color.

NeatHeat’s covers have also been designed differently from plastic such that they will never yellow or fade in color, and they have been thermally conditioned to handle the operating temperatures of a home.

How is NeatHeat Easy to Use?

NeatHeat is easy to install, as the pieces can all install in a snap, and pieces that are too long can be cut with a hack saw/hop saw and too short can be extended using a splice plate. Once installed, NeatHeat is incredibly easy to maintain, as they do not look bad over time through the natural wear-and-tear that heaters go through.

If they get dirty, however, household cleaners can do the trick, and popping off the covers to clean the parts takes seconds. Repainting works with the same process, but all you need is a spray paint for polymers, which is found at the local hardware store and most homeowners have readily available.

With NeatHeat, you get the best air conditioning system cover without having to worry about overspending and doing further work on your heating system. To learn more about the best air conditioning system cover, click here.