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"At first glance of the heating units I loved them, aesthetically they look amazing. They freshen up any room in minutes. Once I snapped them on I was instantly impressed at the ease of installing them!! I am in no way a handy person and I got them on easily. I love the fact that they allow easy cleaning, which is especially great since my husband has allergies. I would highly recommend this product to everyone!!!"

- Cheryl T

"I love your product; I tried it in several rooms and the result is amazing!"

- Bob S

"Here’s a link to my Blog about Neat Heat. My intention is to help people by sharing accurate information" http://realestateonthehalfshell.com/2012/03/21/meet-neat-heat-and-say-buh-bye-to-ugly-rusty-baseboard-heaters/

- Michelle C

"This is one of the best ideas ever! No more spray painting rusty heat radiators!"

- Brian D

"This product is amazing! In just a few short minutes my bathroom heater was transformed from a rusty eyesore to beautiful! Thank you!"

- Sheila G

"I showed your product to my dad who had a rusty baseboard next to one of his sliding doors. He liked it so much he wants to do his entire house. Great product!"

- Kevin F

"We met you at the home show in Wilmington and purchased one of the strips of radiator covers. It’s such an awesome idea. Thanks for making my house look better!"

- Lisa D

"The baseboard heater in my bathroom has been an eyesore for years! I've sanded and repainted more times than I care to remember, and it still was rusty within months. From the moment I "snapped" on the NeatHeat cover the look of the entire bathroom changed. My husband thought i repainted the whole room! Thank You!"

- Karen G

"I've have many rental properties, and spent countless hours and money messing with the baseboard heaters. They're always getting damaged to the point where they fall off often exposing the sharp metal edges beneath, which especially concerns me when the tenant has children. Thanks for solving this problem, your product is unbelievable!"

- Joe B